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New Player FAQ (Working Version)
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I'm going to use this space to track frequently asked questions from new players.  I'm not sure where these will go eventually, but I wanted to jot them down --- and maybe other helpers can add to this list.  Let's try to keep it simple and avoid redundancies with the actual FAQ and the Walkthrough.

Q. Help?

A. Check out our help chat (big link on the main website) or #help on our discord channel.  As well, in the documentation:
What You Know
Mansa's Guide for New Players
help newbie
help beginner
help FAQ

Q. How do I manage my belt?

A. wear item on belt -- the on is important.  You can also wield weapon and then sheath weapon to sheath it on the belt.

Q. How do I manage my quiver, bolts, and crossbow?

A. Relevant help file: help skill crossbow use.  For a quiver, see the help file on 'pull'.

Q. What are some useful commands not mentioned in the Walkthrough?

assess -v - Useful for determining bow strength, how powerful your opponent is, and which tool is good for a given job
analyze - Useful for determining recipes for crafting
keyword - Very useful for managing inventory and targeting people.
stat - Alongside score, gives you information on your character.

Q. How do I change / set up colors?

A. See help change color.

Q. I want to be a hunter, what should I do?

A. First, there is Hunter Roleplay help file that should give you some general bearings.  Second, I would highly recommend you read over Animal Life and the help files there --- look for animals listed as from the Vrun Driath or the southlands for animals around Allanak.  This will usually tell you how dangerous they are --- they usually are dangerous --- and whether they poison you or not.  Around Allanak, the most common creatures are scrab, spiders, mekillots, and black 'drov' beetles, as well as smaller game such as chalton and jozhal.  Third, you need to decide if you will join a clan --- the T'zai Byn is a good place to become a mercenary and learn the basics of combat, but not hunting; and there are a variety of in-game player-created hunting clans available, so ask around at the Gaj / read the rumor board for a list.  Fourth, you will want to familiarize yourself with the Bazaar and the shops that buy raw goods.  See "help map allanak" for this, although spending a while listing off what NPCs sell and noting it is a good idea.  This should clue you in on what they purchase as well.

Q. Why no OOC (out of character) chat?  Why FOIC (find out IC)?

A. This boils down to the genre and one word: immersion.  At the end of the day, this is a preference that we have come to take on over the years, and some of you might disagree that this is the best way of achieving immersion, but let me try to explain some of the reasoning behind it:

Some of you might be coming from a more MUSH-like environment, where you collaborate in an open out of character fashion about the plotlines and your character motivations.  On ArmageddonMUD, however, we find it more immersive to view everything from the perspective of your character, as much as possible, and we rely on the code and staff to make sure that actions have actual consequences.  Hence, we prefer very limited OOC communication while inside the game (see help OOC), and we also prefer the policy of "show-don't-tell" with emotes: try to show us what your character is up to rather than telling us, e.g., emote frowns rather than emote is sad

Others of you might be coming from a more Hack and Slash MUD environment, and so are used to seeing all the stats, AC values, etc. and min-maxing those, and so on.  Again, we've abstracted the stats away from you the player so that you can stay immersed and focus on your character's goals rather than your goals as a player, e.g., to have your character acquire better skills or loot, etc.  While sometimes it might be both your goal and your character's goal to skill up at something, on ArmageddonMUD we try to always place the character first: you should be playing a person first and foremost; roleplay a person first, and the skills are there under the hood and in the background to provide coded consequences to the actions you perform.  (Fun fact: back in the day you didn't even have access to the basic skill levels when you type 'skills'.) 

While it might take some adjustment to get used to the genre, ArmageddonMUD also offers resources to help you overcome syntax hurdles and get immersed quicker and better.  We have the helper chat on the main website and #help in our discord channel --- so feel free to ask for help outside the game itself!  The documentation itself (which you can search on the main website or access via the 'help' command) is designed to give you as much information as you need as a player to stay in character and roleplay.  (Also, always ask your question in such a way that it does not reveal who you play or where you are playing.)

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