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Character Reports - minions and indies should report, too!
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Another of the little lessons I wrote for my clan...

Let's talk about what your reporting responsibilities are as a non-leader, what you should report, and how to most conveniently report what staff needs to know in a concise and easy to process manner.

In order to report you go to and log into your account in the upper right hand corner. You then click the drop down box and select "new request."  Under request type, pick "character report."

The template looks like this:

Interaction and Report
Who, What, When, Where, Why and How: Provide a summary of what happened over the past month. If any particular description seems as though it could be (or might become) verbose, it may be better to put it in as a biography entry and reference it instead.
Plots and Plans: Briefly describe what you plan to do next or in general.
Questions, comments and/or staff needs: Ask any questions you might have, comment about previous reports and let the staff know what you currently need.

This is fairly self explanatory. So let’s talk about formatting.  I used to report in chronological order - whatever I remembered in the order it happened in. Then I was requested by a staffer to start sorting things into categories for each person. My reports now look like this:

Interaction and Report

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How:
Gave lessons
Passed along a message for Lord Rennik
Possibly spying on Lord Rennik for Lord Sath, will assess situation further
Has been skipping classes
Earned extra punishments
Graduation is in doubt
May be kanking indiscriminately - suspect involvement with rinthi breed.
Lady Valika:
Looking for a new aide for her
Bribed her to fund new venture by promising to give her first pick of unsponsored students (see bios for full detail)
May be trying to undermine Lord Templar Borsail on item Y, have agreed to help.

Plots and Plans:
Create a new cohort assignment
Host a teaching event
Work on items for Lady Valika as described in my bio.

Questions, comments and/or staff needs:
If possible, I am needing an animation of Keanu, the gate guard, to describe an incident that took place outside of our gate at some time on Wednesday. There is blood all over the room and the Arm is investigating.

You DO NOT have to follow my format. Come up with whatever system works for you. But do consider the ease with which you are making information accessible to the staffers who read it. It is not a requirement, merely a way of being polite and helpful.

So how often should you report?
In general, once a month. If you have urgent questions, use the "question/request" selection instead of the "character report" selection.