New Storytellers and Changes to the Staff Team

Started by ArmageddonMUD, June 19, 2017, 08:23:34 PM

We're pleased to announce some new additions/returning members to the Armageddon Staffing Team.

Please welcome Melanogaster, Orsus and Solos as Storytellers.

Additionally we've had some changes in other roles.
Xalle has stepped down from staff after many years of staffing, a big thanks to Xalle for her work.
Brokkr will be taking on the role of Administrator and Nathvaan will once more be taking on the role of Producer.

The new teams are as follows:

Independents Team
Administrator: Rathustra
Storytellers: Cayuga, Melanogaster, Orsus

Southern Team
Administrator: Brokkr
Storytellers: Renenutet, Solos, Tleilax

GMH Team
Administrator: Seidhr
Storytellers: Akariel, Oryx, Vilya

We are welcoming back Calavera to the team.

Calavera will be joining the Southern group as a Storyteller and working with Brokkr on an exciting new project. Watch this space!