Newbie Tips?

Started by Mim, April 10, 2017, 06:20:31 AM


I am excited to say that I've only recently joined Armageddon. The idea of text-based games always interested me and when I heard you could roleplay in them I fell in love.

Unfortunately I am rather newbish at these kinds of games. The commands and how to use them and whatnot. This is why I've reached out to the community for some helpful tips.

I've already gathered that if I want my character to live any sort of life, it should probably be in a clan. My character has already started branching out, trying to find T'zai Byn.

Are there any other pleasant opportunities where I could learn how to play the game without my characters ultimately dying a dozen times as I do so? Are there any trainers out there? I read on a reddit post that is is possible to have families as well. Would that be a good starting point for me?

Thank you for your time.


Welcome to Arm, dude. That's exactly what I felt like when I stumbled upon the MUD back then.

Anyway, yeah. Joining a clan was the simplest way to learn the game's commands for me, as a new player. You'll have players who'll more often than not step up and try to help you along the way. The rules some clans enforce, such as not leaving the walls, are mainly there to keep you alive.

Otherwise, if you want to stay alive longer, avoid leaving the walls unless you know what you'll be up against and where you'll be going. Or, you're heading out with a partner/group. It's usually a good idea to 'flee' from combat when you're at about 2/3 of your max HP. Your HP stops regenerating at a certain point below that. Watch your stun points! Commands like 'barrier', 'psi', and 'contact' will take off a chunk of these, and you don't want to lose consciousness. Especially if you might be left in a vulnerable spot.

Remember to read up on the gameplay docs if you haven't already. Also, the top40 helpfile contains a bunch of helpfiles that you'll want to check out.

Good luck!

I'll add that dying a lot is just the name of the game!  It's not just for noobs!  Embrace it!
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^ So true. Don't be afraid to take risks with your characters. Especially if it might lead to RP opportunity!

I've heard that it is a major part of gameplay! Still, who does not fear death? I was honestly shocked I survived my first couple of hours.

Thank you for the tips on HP! I haven't even been close to exiting walls- I fear that I'm too much of a chicken in any game but I'm trying to push my comfort zone.

Also thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to diving back in the game tonight. I had a pleasant experience last night and even though I was flustered and fumbling (and messed up a few commands) the person on the other side had been very forgiving for it. I'm loving the community already.

Welcome, friend.

I would suggest making use of all resources offered in the docs, including the maps. I would also suggest making your own map on grid-paper. Something about writing/drawing it all out really helped me memorize my way around everywhere when i first started.

I definitely recommend the Byn for learning syntax and customs, as they are OOCly very understanding of the newb struggle (as most players are) and ICly not known for their sharp minded recruits, so not knowing some cultural information wouldn't be too big of a deal.

If you decide to go solo, find your source of income; food; water; and shelter. Keep on that daily grind that all commoners go through just to stay alive. Make some friends (or dont, if you're a strong indy who dont need no man friends).

Combat is not to be trifled with, especially for a brand new character. You will lose characters to underestimating opponents. I vividly remember attacking a beetle in my early days because I thought it was something I could crush under my boot. Nope. Back to the docs. Take a gander at the fauna of Zalanthas, get familiar with them.

Last but not least, learn to look at your surroundings. a quick "l n" or "l s" etc. will keep you alive, especially in the wastes.

Have fun, friend. It is a pleasure having you. I hope to RP with you soon.
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did you post a thread on reddit recently?  so glad to see new people joining up!  MUDs are not a dead medium, in fact I find arm more enjoyable than graphical games.

*a loud, hearty WELCOME!*
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Quote from: 650Booger on April 10, 2017, 08:27:41 PM
did you post a thread on reddit recently? 

I did not! But I did read that post to help get my bearings.

Feel free to make use of the helper chat on the main site! If there is no one available, you can leave a message and one will email you back.
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