We Want You to Run Plots!

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We Want You ... To Run Plots

What constitutes a plot?
A plot is something that brings two or more characters beyond your own into the fold.  This can be a personal plot, a political plot, a party plot, really, any sort of plot. Basically - this is a story arc for your character, run by you as a player, for others to be involved with that you communicate with staff.  The informing of staff solves two purposes: it helps us do our job as storytellers to facilitate environmentally appropriate stories, and it helps us keep track of what you're attempting.

Quick examples of easy plots to run:
1) Hold a small get together for people in your clan. Involve outside sources for food/entertainment. If it is a success, what does your character plan to do to utilize this success? If it fails, what will your character do differently next time?
2) Organize a multi-clan hunting party RPT.
3) Try to bribe city officials into letting you do something illegal.

To be entered in the monthly drawing, you must provide a beginning, interim, and proposed conclusion to your plot(s). While we would appreciate that you inform us of a plot before its inception or at its beginning, a mock-up in the following format is acceptable at stage except for the conclusion to be entered:
Intro – Quick rundown of why this plot was chosen and why your character is involving themselves.
Goal(s) – What you or your character hopes this plot to achieve, if anything.
Plans – How your character is going to endeavor for the above goals. Please note any people your character might reach out to or further include in this plot.
Possible Conclusions – How do you see this panning out?
Additional Notes – – Do you want staff assistance with this? Do you want us to echo? To animate? Would you like us to stay away while we observe?

Depending upon the scope, reach, and duration of your ongoing plot(s), you will have a number of one to three entries into the monthly raffle. The following are guidelines as to how these entries will be assessed:
One Point: Two to three characters involved, lasts only a few days, or the scope and impact is small.
Two Points: Three to five characters involved, lasts a week or more, or the scope and impact is medium.
Three Points: Five plus characters involved, lasts longer than a week, or scope and impact reaches far beyond your character's life.
Please keep in mind that plots that last longer than a month will need to be reviewed monthly: they will not be automatically considered if they're ongoing due to any circumstances.

This raffle will offer a monthly boon to be won that will benefit a future character of yours.
If you win the raffle with one entry, you can have a small addition to a future character in way of a custom scar or tattoo.
If you win the raffle with two entries, you can have the above plus an additional vanity item.
If you win the raffle with three entries, you can have the above plus a skill bump for a future character.

To break it down more clearly:
1) Decide upon a plot pertinent to your character's story.
2) Write a simple request to us informing us of said plot in the aforementioned format. If you're a leader, include it in your weekly report. If you're not a leader/unsponsored, send it in as a character report.
3) Plot.
4) Be entered with 1 to 3 entries, dependent upon the particulars listed above.
5) Win! (Possibly.)

Disclaimer: We as staff reserve the right to tweak rewards after a play period. We will keep players abreast of any changes to this documentation when and if they happen!
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