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Noble House Borsail sells slaves.

Who can buy them? GMH's MMH's Any commoner that shows up with enough sid to win at the auction?

Is there a law or gamedoc that I missed on this topic that would clearly outline this?

Essentially anyone that has the standing that Borsail is happy dealing with and the means to provide for a slave over the long term. Purchasing a slave is not a one time purchase from Borsail but also includes providing the slave food, water, clothing and shelter (usually shelter more stable than a short term rental of a Nenyuk apartment).

GMH's certainly make use of slaves and their estates in Allanak and Tuluk have many. MMH's could probably purchase slaves as well and rich, established Merchant-type commoners may have one or two slaves to service their store or home or wagon.

Average hunters, cobblers, tailors, dung shovelers, grebers or the like don't have slaves.
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Slave roles by PCs are a Staff appointed role, filled when they have a need for one for a plot or want to open up the experience to a player.

PCs owning PC or NPC slaves IG without being in a social/financial position to be able to afford one or without Staff approval, are a no go.
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"Being able to afford one" isn't even a criteria. It's more "being able to afford the specific one you want, and maintain its existence for the rest of your life, and have a plan to maintain the slave's existence for the rest of ITS life after you are dead, since slaves don't suddenly become free when their masters are dead.

Slaves aren't people, in Zalanthas. They are highly prized, valueable assets. Borsail is the premier master crafters of those assets, they're not going to let just any Amos, Malik, and Talia buy one.
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That'd be nice Nenyuk & Borsail to make a deal, and able to offer NPC slaves (servants/pleasure slaves, etc.) who can not leave the 'special' apartments that PCs rent from Nenyuk. Even if they would be there virtually, that'd be something.
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That'd be nice Nenyuk & Borsail to make a deal, and able to offer NPC slaves (servants/pleasure slaves, etc.) who can not leave the 'special' apartments that PCs rent from Nenyuk. Even if they would be there virtually, that'd be something.

Nenyuk apartments are incredibly short term leases! I doubt they're going to vouch for you with Borsail to get a slave when the rent will likely lapse within a year or two.

Remember everyone, a Slave is for life not just for Githmas!
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Slaves aren't people, in Zalanthas. They are highly prized, valueable assets. Borsail is the premier master crafters of those assets, they're not going to let just any Amos, Malik, and Talia buy one.

I don't understand why not if they can meet the price? Who cares what happens to a slave once it's been sold? Only slave gickers, muls and HGs should be out of reach of wealthy commoners, imo.

I don't know about any criteria outside being able to outbid everyone else at the auction. Who honestly cares what you do with it as long as Borsail, Kasix, or any of the other virtual slavers gets their money.

buy some cheap injured ones off a shady raider group at an abandoned outpost, tie them up to walk behind your mount, use as pleasure slaves and then as bait when you're done with them.

Save up enough to buy one from borsail just to show off your wealth and status as a 'sir' or 'miss'-worthy commoner and then find out you can't actually afford the maintenance, like your poor neighbor and his mercedes. NOBODY cares if it starves because of you.

Buy one to be your spouse and live in your apartment to keep it clean, cook your food, and pleasure you. When you can't afford your rent, it just follows you around carrying your stuff. When you can't afford to feed it, sell it.

If your crazy murderer doesn't want to go to jail or piss off the wrong powerful group, buy a person to torture and murder in the wilderness. STAGE YOUR OWN MAN HUNTS. It's an expensive hobby, but those are the best hobbies.

If your minor merchant house takes off and you can afford a warehouse, buy slaves to maintain it and to do the menial low-skill virtual labor. Gather them up all at once to go out and forage for rocks as a team under the supervision of your whip.

These are the ways slavery works. It's just ALL virtual right now.

Yes, if you buy a shitty untrained slave from some fly by night part-raider/part-slaver crew who will be executed by the AoD next month then you're right. No one cares.

The OP specifically mentioned Borsail trained slaves and how to purchase them. Again you can't just scrape up enough coins to purchase a Borsail slave and expect them to sell you one no questions asked. A Borsail slave is an extremely high-end luxury item and Borsail does not want their reputation sullied by selling them to any random Amos who might end up a half-elf gemmed next week. They want to make sure their highly trained slaves end up with people who will represent their "brand" well.

Think of it as buying a brand new Bugatti Chiron. You can not just rock up to a Bugatti showroom, write a cheque for £1,900,000 and expect to drive a Chiron of the lot. Instead the salesman will strike up a relationship with you as a new customer, they'll discuss the history of the Bugatti brand and the history of the Chiron model. The salesman won't ask the new customer about their financial situation either but rather will discuss other things to determine if the new customer is right for them. Most customers are car collectors with at least 40 cars, several yachts, property around the world and an art collection and these are the type of people that the salesman will consider prequalified for the next step - an invitation to the Bugatti factory. Then the customer will be taught how to drive a Chiron in a test model and discussions will be entered to determine the custom options their Chiron will be built with.

That's a real world example that I would base purchasing a Borsail Mul Gladiator on. Lesser models such as human/dwarven gladiators or guards, house slaves or artisan slaves will perhaps have less restrictions but will still not be sold to you random Amos off the street just because they have several thousand coins in their purse that a Templar hasn't shaken them down for yet.
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True enough about borsail. That part slipped my mind as I read through the rest of the thread. I can agree with that interpretation up until the last paragraph. Borsail has economic might. They'd have to be more like Volkswagen, who owns Bugatti. They absolutely have a model I can get 0 down with crap credit through their own financing people.

I suppose you could make the argument that the many other arms of teks puppet government make up the rest of the Volkswagen slave trade, but I'd say in that case borsail would be little more than swanky merchants who put up a fine front, not the terrifying ultra wealthy slave masters the fiction wants them to be.

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Anyway just speculation. The docs, the game, and reality don't agree on this. I suppose the practical answer has already been given: you can't buy slaves.

If indies were allowed to own slaves, and the indie dies, does the person renting the apartment after that with the slave stored within gets to own the slave as well??
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Very good feedback and discussion so far. Thank you all.

The goal of the original question was not so much to ask if my PC could personally own a slave but more to understand the broad dynamic of the population of Allanak. With -so many- npcs or  vnpcs that our characters see and dealwith everyday I just wanted to grasp an understanding of the situation.

So basically we all agree that who can buy what certain kind of slave, depending greatly on any sort of training and what stock they are from and how well maintained they are before sale primarily, varies greatly as there exists a wide range of types of slaves to pick from.

I agree wholeheartedly that you would have be a -wealthy- commoner to afford any sort of prime stock. I also agree that if you aren't a fat money stacks commoner that there are the more "unwanted" types you could purchase risking disease, disobedience, or having no practical training of any value. Ya know sorta like ...
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