"Yes, Lord Templar. The inix had no rider." - wilderness sneak/hide

Started by zztri, December 11, 2016, 08:38:25 AM

Let's assume you have a guild/subguild/special application that gives you wilderness sneak+hide. What happens when you sneak and hide when you're riding?

Do you simply disappear but your mount remains visible and definitely not sneaking? Does your mount simply give you a plus or minus to your skills and remain hidden/sneaking if succesful? Or are there some special mounts capable of following orders to sneak/hide?

I think certain mounts can sneak/hide and others cant.
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All (or most) mounts can attempt to sneak hide but most will be very bad at it.

When you are riding it will use the mount's sneak/hide, not the PC's.

Your hide/sneak skill is completely irrelevant while riding. And rightfully so.

Hope that helps.

Occasionally, a hunter will have sneak and hide engaged such that you can't see the hunter, but the mount will be following along perfectly visible.  This might make sense in some hunting scenarios (crawling through the grasses, communicating with your mount through clicks and giggles), but I do remember being confused by this inside the city as a new player:

A war beetle sneaks west.

Just suppose you couldn't see its owner in all the traffic.

And yes, supposedly some mounts also sneak and hide according to their description.  I'm not entirely sure if this is codedly accurate though as I haven't found a way of testing it.  We need a giant mirror.
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We need a giant mirror.

New character concept: the pale, thickset dwarf; merchant/hunter; with the focus of greating a giant mirror from the sands.