The lonely newbie doesn't want to die...

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After reading a bit, I know we're not supposed to directly give information about our characters. So I'll be a bit vague, sorry about that.

First day; learned the commands and a way to supply my character with food and water if things go south. My character is one of the "knows which end of the weapon cuts" classes. Based on the general feel of stuff, I doubt there's a newbie area where I kill rabbits and when I read about the animals, seems nearly everything in my surrounding area will try to eat me and have the utter capacity to do so. Only one animal description I read from the website looked like "it won't swallow you whole" class and only a couple looked like "it won't be a one-hit-kill" class.

Logic dictates I should find allies and go on hunts together but my playing times will make it hard. So do you think I'll die if I;

1. Keep away from anything I don't know and anything I know that can easily kill a human based on the description in the website,
2. Preserve my movement points - movement seems to drain A LOT.
3. Run in the first instance of trouble
4. Keep very close to the safe areas
5. Always be alert

.. and hunt very carefully, always following the rules above?

(Please feel free to add more rules to the list, please do so.)

You will die. Period. That's just how these things go. All of the above are good ideas to prolong the life of your pc. As is making it a point to look north, look south, look east, look west, etc, every time you move into a new room outside the gates. Sometimes this will keep you from falling into holes, other times this will keep you from getting too close to aggressive wildlife that WILL come and engage you. Either way, it's a lifesaver.

If you are one of the above classes, you can probably engage with a lot of what's within (on foot) walking distance if you don't get below half your stamina. Sometimes there will be more than one of these things in a room. They will usually gang up on you if they are in a room with you, and that can be painful or deadly. If you get more than, say, 1/5th of your health knocked off in a single round, you want to flee. If you get to below 2/3 health, that's also a bad place to be in the wilds. The stuff you see littering the sands all over usually comes from stuff that you can kill without dying, if it is animal parts. Usually. There are rare exceptions. (Again, this is within let's say, 10-12 rooms of the city)
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Your rules are a pretty solid base, I wish I had followed
a set like that when I first started playing. Especially #3.
#3 is a good rule. 

I'd suggest getting a mount ASAP, this helps with the movement points drain out in the wilds a lot.

And be aware that not all creatures are created equal, even if
they are the 'same' critter, sometimes you'll run into something
out there that you've killed pretty easily before, but this particular one will absolutely WRECK Your day. Also, beware of scrabs.

Good luck, and welcome!

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If you are careful, and willing to run fast and often, you could end up surviving a long time. :)

Also, check out mounts, if you can afford one. They will help a lot in the 'movement points' area - though they need to rest too.

Quote from: zztri on November 29, 2016, 10:07:06 AM
Logic dictates I should find allies and go on hunts together but my playing times will make it hard.

You will be surprised just how many people might be looking for allies or mercenaries to go hunting with at all hours of the day. Just gotta put yourself out there, most people would rather hunt in pairs, if only to send you after the spider so they can get away!
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Hi and welcome! I'll preface this by pointing out that you shouldn't feel that you "need" to kill stuff. Remember, there are no levels or exp points here in Armageddon. You -will- improve with use of skills, but unless you're competing against another person, there's no race to the finish. The mobs will still be there next week if you can't figure out how to kill them this week - and you might decide that your character doesn't really want to kill those mobs afterall. Have a reason for going out and killing that doesn't have anything to do with "getting better at killing." Hunting for food - that's a "reason" for killing. Hunting for skins and parts that you can sell to afford an apartment - a terrific goal. Hunting because your character's best friend is a Salarr crafter and has offered to make you a new set of sweet gear in exchange for hides/parts - awesome "reason." Hunting to branch parry - not a good reason.

With that said - ways to PROLONG life - death will come inevitably - you're just wanting to hold that off as long as possible while still having fun:

Quote from: zztri on November 29, 2016, 10:07:06 AM

1. Keep away from anything I don't know and anything I know that can easily kill a human based on the description in the website,
Quote2. Preserve my movement points - movement seems to drain A LOT.
Make sure that you are WALKING - type WALK every so often or set up your PROMPT to reflect your movement type. If you FLEE from something, it auto-sets you to RUN, and you have to manually reset it to WALK when you're done running. If you run you will use more movement points than if you walk, but you'll move quicker (which is why you run when you type FLEE).
Quote3. Run in the first instance of trouble
If you feel there's enough time to type out a simple emote or say or shout - do that first. Even something like think AHHHHHHHH! might be enough to get you really feeling "in" your character. If you don't think there's enough time for it - don't fret, go ahead and RUN. Just remember to rest yourself back to walking when you think it's safe again. And remember - some critters will follow you around :)
Quote4. Keep very close to the safe areas
At first, yes. Either that or join a clan or get with an "unofficial" group, who can help you learn the terrain beyond the city walls.
Quote5. Always be alert
I'd change that to "usually" be alert. Sometimes it's more interesting if your character doesn't notice every little thing. If you run at the first sign of "something moving" nearby - you could end up missing out on some really fun roleplay. And hey - even if it ends up with your character being dead, at least you got a fun adventure out of the deal. If you play it safe all the time, you won't really go very far.
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Yeah if you play an outdoorsy sort, definitely be ready to die alot.  I havent got much experience with exploring, but it has all ended in quick death (in fun ways).  Write up several character ideas in advance so you're ready to submit a new app as soon as you croak.
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