When a newbie can't read the documentation...

Started by zztri, November 29, 2016, 07:19:55 AM

Hello.. Fresh blood here.

Today a very old player persuaded me to give this game a try. After reading the documentation as much as I could, I made a character....

I applied for a Tuluki.

Yes I know in every single helpfile about Tuluk the first sentence is "Tuluk is closed.".. I don't know how I missed every single one of them. Perhaps I was ctrl+tabbing a bit too fast.

I assume it'll be rejected soon but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to do anything before.

Thanks in advance.

Nothing for you to do at this point but work on your next app while you wait for somebody to reject the first one!

Thank you.. The anxious me had already posted a request about it and a helpful staff member asked me for a new background already.

We sorted this out via the request tool! If you have any other questions feel free to use the GDB to ask them, or ask a Helper or staff. We're all here to help newbies. Good luck and have fun!

My first character (a dwarf) had a long flowing beard. You're not the only one who fails in reading documentation. :)

Welcome to the game. It's a complex setting that's not well-documented outside the game (unlike Forgotten Realms which has hundreds of sourcebooks). But it has some pretty rich lore despite all that.