A random thought

Started by perfecto, November 15, 2016, 05:55:40 PM

I don't know if any of the staff would ever do this, but I think it would be awesome if you were randomly watching a player and started to 'force' them a thought or two.

Lets say I'm sitting in the Gaj with a few people at the bar, having some bar banter conversation and randomly all of a sudden..

You think: I wonder if that guy wants to kill me?


You think: I wonder how much I could get for that guys boots?

I bet it would make a lot of players stop for a second and really wonder those things, as so many random thoughts entire our minds in real life.
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You know, I do this in very special circumstances. 

I'm going to go into a bit of a rant point on this one, so don't think this is targeted at you perfecto.  I don't normally do it because most players when you give them a thought or feeling, in most cases they immediately think there is a mindworm messing with their mind.  It then gets blown out of proportion and a wild mindworm hunt starts happening. 

This plays very heavily into the whole, how do I react to psionic attacks?  Most everyone within the known would never have a psion touch their mind, let alone manipulate it.  They are the boogyman that mothers tell their children to keep them in line.  So almost no one would even know what it would be like to be manipulated, touched, or even attacked by a psion.  The issue is we play within a small square within this world, a small portion of it's population, so it's bound to happen that someone will get a psionic attack.

So how do we correct this?  Well, to be completely honest... let it happen.  Unless your character has been taught by a psion on what they can do, your character would likely never know what they can and cannot do.  You get the feeling to scratch your but while walking down Caravan Way, scratch your butt.  You think you saw that guy looking at you wrong and feel like punching him in the face, punch him in the face.

Anyhow, this might be a good topic to talk on more.  I would love to see people play more receptively to psionics rather than reactively.  I'd be more apt to actually put thoughts and feelings into someone's mind.  (End Rant)

Thanks for listening.
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