Atlantis Client Prompt/Inforbar Help

Started by MarshallDFX, October 10, 2016, 05:39:26 PM

I'm trying to lure some new boots to play Arm.  In that effort I'm trying to assist making a basic client setup.  They use Mac.  Can somebody tell me in general terms how to create a static infobar displaying the prompt information?  I've done this on other clients but I think I'm losing my touch and I don't know. 

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I'm going to edit this since I reread what you said. Devin and I use Atlantis and we've both been unable to get it to function in any way that we want it to. It still seems to be the best Mac client available.

It's less than great. It's actually a little upsetting to think about. Maybe I'll get a PC next time.
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I was reading the author of the Atlantis client had her host DDoS'd for some unknown reason, and she hasn't been working much on the client since.  It's a bummer.

MarshallDFX, have you tried the infobar command?  (Probably you have, but I just wanted to check.)
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Try savitar- I've had luck getting an info bar set up with lots of help from Seeker, though these days I just use brief prompt anyway.

god, whatever you do, do NOT type infobar.
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god, whatever you do, do NOT type infobar.

Seconded! The bane of my existence is accidentally typing INFO from other game habits while I play this game.

Also, I've had a lot of success using Mudlet while on my mac. It's what I'm using now. I could have sworn there was a Mudlet configuration thread somewhere but I can't find it.

Thanks for the help folks,

I'll try out mudlet or savitar for fun, or I can probably get tintin working in a mac terminal too.

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I wish there were more options for MUD clients on Mac... or at least, more that were being actively developed. I think last I tried Atlantis and Savitar they just plain didn't work on the later OSes. The Mudlet 3 Delta Epsilon release works really well for me, though, on El Capitan. I think I tried it on Sierra and it seemed to, as well, but I'm not upgrading to that for realsies for a while.

For infobars, check out:,46301.0.html

I tried it once, seemed to work really well, but I found I preferred the basic output.