Languages 3

Started by A Linguist, October 13, 2003, 11:32:13 PM

Sorry to 'force' a reply in here, but I figure that its better than jumping to another forum (if not, I suppose it can be moved?)  Anyway:

Quote from: "Thavilden"I noticed with my last character, a human linguist, did not have like... full sirihish capabilities. Most human characters I have have full sirihish from the get go, but this one would get minor garbling every once in a while. Also not just from the same person, and in the same pattern (x's and d's stick out in my mind, but I'm not sure).

So here's the question, does the linguist subclass set all three major languages to say... 95% regardless of the 100% you might've normally had?

Quote from: "Sanvean"I have fixed this bug.

Are you sure this has been fixed?  I still seem to be getting a few garbles with my character.  Definatly more than can be accounted for by people's typos.  NPCs seem to have it too.  Should I wish about it?

A good question to mail about with your account name so your character can be looked at.

If your character was made before I fixed the bug, it will still affect him or her. Drop a line to the mud account and include both the character and account name.