Merchant life

Started by sand, September 08, 2016, 12:30:07 AM

Just curious, how does merchant life generally function - is it through selling to players/houses or do NPCs accept decent deals? Is it more about moving items from one city to another (i.e. trees north to the south) or is it crafting related? I get that of that is probably possible, I'm just trying to understand the player economy a bit and what's possible - everything I've seen crafted isn't generally worth selling to NPCs unless you collected the mats yourself (which is fine, but was good to learn).

For example, if you're suddenly an illegal spice merchant do you have to find players or is there some NPCs somewhere that buy it?

Another related note would be... how much of events/deals/etc are Imm-related versus just whatever you can connect up via RP? If it's not announced here, is it generally all player-based?

From what I've seen, as an outsider,  the most fulfilled independent merchants are part of a team, or at least a small network of hunters and grebbers and makers. Short term it means cheaper materials and more profit for everyone, with a bit of supplying of lower end clothes, jewelry, weapons and armour to PCs.  NPC's are a stable source of income,  IF their 5 item quota isn't full, and  IF they have the sids.
Some grebbers and hunters seem to make a living supplying materials that are more difficult to obtain, or just a lot of time and effort. These may supply to other indies, and contacts within Houses.  Little events and deals are PC to PC, and staff come to support.
Groups may become rich enough, and well connected enough,  to rent one of  the few warehouses available.
I'm sure people with more experience at the coal face can tell you more.

If you want to eventually assume a more leadership-like role or rent a warehouse, you may want to be non-rinthi native human--- they tend to make friends much more easily and the glass ceiling is high enough to go above that sweet spot.

Not that you need to be a human to have your group rent a warehouse, but it helps, especially if your grubby little hands are making the crafts or if you are in a managing position. Some people just don't want jewelry made by a breed.