Oash Positions Available

Started by ashyom, October 13, 2003, 02:59:01 PM

We have one, possibly 2 Oash noble positions available.  Must be good RP'er, OOCly patient, have a moderate understanding of Allanak's Politics.

There's some down-time, and that can be boring.  But Oash has a rich history, and many exciting potential RP scenes.  Please don't apply if you don't think you can put up with the dry spells.

Also, we are seeking a couple of (commoner) RP'ers for a different type of roles in the Oash House's employ.  

If you're interested in either roles, please email ashyom@ginka.armageddon.org and nechomacus@ginka.armageddon.org with your current account name, whether you currently have a character, questions, and any other pertinent information you think we should know.

Apps for Oash nobles and commoners are open again.
Please read previous post for information.

Also - players who play 5 - 10 CST are preferred (but not required).
Ashyom & Nechomacus

Yes, it's true!  Oash is recruiting again for a an active player that frequently plays during primetime hours.  

This character must:
-Be a team player
-Must possess all qualities listed by Ashyom in earlier posts.
-See posts in this thread by Ashyom for other qualities and requirements when emailing inquiries.

Any questions should be directed to:  Nechomacus@ginka.armageddon.org and Ashyom@ginka.armageddon.org

We'll also be looking for a few commoners to fill out some other roles in Oash.  Exciting things are planned, send us with any questions.


Still open to interested applicants.  Prequisites stated previously still apply.

As always, email Ashyom@armageddon.org & Nechomacus@armageddon.rog

Bumping the thread up.  We're looking for one noble, as well as commoner employees, but we are open to new ideas.

Requests posted previously still apply.  Email Ashyom@armageddon.org and Nechomacus@armageddon.org