Newbie life.... or how do I make coins?

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Trying to figure out a decent way to gather coins in Allanak. I know people have mentioned cleaning up crap in the stables - are there other jobs? I've found the rats people talk about hunting but not sure if anyone is paying for that...

Hey Sand,

In Allanak, probably the most accessible job is salt gathering.

Salt can be gathered in the form of large crystals wherever the mineral is native. While salt foraging can be lucrative, both regions where it can be found have many dangerous animals.

The Salt Flats are east of Allanak, and the Salt Lick is east of Tuluk.

When in the Salt Flats or at the Salt Lick, simply type 'forage salt'
until you are successful. Salt can be sold to some raw materials buyers,
including cleaning merchants in both Allanak and Tuluk, and the Jal
Saltyards in Allanak, off Merchant's Road. For the Saltyards, you will
need to buy the sack they sell there, and put your salt inside (at least
5 pieces). 'Offer sack' to the woman in the yards to receive payment.

You can also try your hand at mining. You'd probably want to secure a glasshacker for that. They can be found in shops along Miner's Road, which is also where you would find an office to sell certain stones in. I'm not sure what the syntax for working with that Templar is, I'm afraid.

No, although I think there are some that might help.

What you will need is a salt sack. You can buy these in the Jal salt yards, just north of Allanak's eastern gate. When you're done collecting salt, you turn these bags in to Salt Yard workers for pay.

sell <object>.

the templar buys chunks of glass and obsidian i believe, at varying prices (glass is more valuable but also more dangerous, as is everything the further away from the city you tend to get).

obsidian mining, glass mining, and salt grebbing can be lucrative - and dangerous as fuck. for instance, salt grebbing is a long ways from the city - you run the risk of raiders, wayward gith, angry salt worms, and even (god help you) a mekillot wandering too close to the city.

obsidian mining you have beetles, raptors, scrab and desert tarantulas to contend with. good luck on either front. you can get rich, but you can also die extremely fast.

such is life in armageddon.
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Or you could join a clan and live longer and learn the game faster. Try Kadius or Salarr if a hunter type.

There are many ways to make coins, salting is less risky generally than sid mining..but not by much.

You can also forage for stones, shards and gems. PCs and npcs may want these.

Or look into Noble Houses and Templars if you are a solical-poltical types.
i love being a nobles health points

I also think working for/with other PCs can net you good (generous characters) or bad (cheapskate characters) coin. Really depending on what you can do for them. If you want to con, then sure that can be done as well. :)

It's up to your imagination to hustle, but there are coded ways to make coins like salting, mining and foraging or keeping it simple, work in the many clans available.

I believe for salting there is a shovel you can get that helps -alot-  Not sure where to find it personally as I've only found the mining equipment for sale. Good luck and be careful. Sometimes you have to live to greb another day and abandon your haul. Again, Good Luck and have fun!

There is also clay digging.  It's considerably less lucrative, but also a lot safer.
Former player as of 2/27/23, sending love.

Newbie Coin!

Clay digging, Mining Obsidian, Mining Glass,  Dung Grebbing*, Conning People, Hunting, Clan Jobs, Foraging.

These are some of the potential 'jobs' offered as suggestions, and if you're like me, when you're a newbie, this makes little to no sense. These jobs seem like they might even give you away as a newbie, and no one wants that. Below, I'll list out more detailed information on how to make coin with these jobs, while at the same time giving you information I hope every average citizen would have, nothing too sensitive to be redacted.

Clay Digging- What? Where is this 'semi-lucrative and much safer' clay digging area at? Do you want to be a clay digger? Well, too bad, the road is hard to find, the directions are vague, and it's not incredibly intuitive.

Here's the down low = Somewhere off to the southwest of Allanak, there is a village that has walls, guards, a dormitory, a stable, and a couple vendors, one of which buys clay from you. In order to get there, you must exit the western gates of Allanak, head southwest following first the Outer Circle, then a road that used to be there connected to it. Staff- Please deleted this if I am giving away too much information. This road leads west, first across Scoria that covers the beginning of it, some of which can be mined, and then it becomes a real road again. Just keep following this road until you can see a village or compound to the south. If the weather is bad, you may have trouble spotting it. If not, it should be clearly visible from the road. Head towards that compound, enter the village/compound, and explore. While the rest of the actual coded work is pretty simple to discover, here's something that you may not have planned for. You're tired from your journey.

Act like a seasonal migrant worker, stock up on a little bit of food and water, and plan to say a a couple days. Go be 'a clay digger', sleep in the barracks, dig clay, sell clay, chat with people you know over the way perhaps, sleep, repeat. Once you've made a profit, return to the city. This is a good newbie plan.

Salting- Just east of Allanak, there's a huge wasteland of Salt! Why? Because of all the newbie tears of frustration that have dried up. That's why. So what do you need to get started. Bravery, a salt sack, and a pair of legs (a mount would help, but you're a newbie, I bet you spent all of your coin on armor and weapons). Go east while in the city, and if you look around, near the far far east down Merchant's Road, you'll see a salt sack seller, and a salt sack buyer. Why do you need a sack? Corruption, that's why. It's like a salting tax or something. Damn you House Jal! You'll need 10 coins for a salt sack, but pay attention to what's sold there. You might need something else.

So you've got your sack, your legs, and bravery. Why now? Head out of the Merchant's Gate, and down Ivory-Salt Road. Eventually, you'll reach some rooms that indicate you've crossed into the Salt Flats. Keep your eyes open, and look in different directions, because most of that salt below you is as grainy as sand, and what you need are salt crystals. Go towards any 'patches of colored salt' that you find, and be prepared for some minor danger at first, and more danger the further east you go. Or North, Or South. Now, [Help Salt Gathering] hasn't been updated just yet, and doesn't reflect changes made to foraging. You'll need to [use 'tool' patch] to dig up some salt with a tool, or, like dung grebbing, [Dig Patch] to use your poor, abused worker's hands to dig up this potentially very lucrative resource. Once you've got more than five pieces, you can sell it, sure, but why not make more coin? Why not go further east, explore more, for better rewards? Rewards = Risk, that's why, so it's up to your char to decide how quickly they want to make that sweet sweet salt coin. (Pro tip, running outside when low on stamina, and working outside when low on stamina has a chance to make your clothing sweat-stained! If you want to keep looking good for that pretty Noble's Aide you've been eyeing, search the bazaar, and near the northside, you'll find someone who can easily clean those clothes. Or you can save coin and do it yourself with [Clean 'item' sweat] You're not perfect, so you may end up with stained gear anyways. Or not, give it a try.]

Mining obsidian and Glass- There's an entire road dedicated to Miners! It's called Miner's Road, why? Because that where miners go. On that road you can find a shop that sells glasshackers, pickaxes and other supplies that miners use/need, and an office with a templar that buys glass and obsidian (Pro tip, not just big chunks of it, sometimes small, small pieces of it too) So how do you really get into being a miner? Let's read more below.

Where is this pretty lucrative glass and obsidian? Well, without giving away exact specifics, I'll tell you this. It's beneath SAND! That's right, glass and obsidian deposits are located in sandy areas, and, unless I'm mistaken, dirty areas. :D  Now, more risk equals more profit, and glass is more profitable, so let's consider that the first lesson. You have to go farther away from the city to find glass, and that makes it riskier. You may encounter dangerous beasts, use more water and food, and that all important stamina. However, if you opt for less risk, you can find the less profitable obsidian closer by. Go out there, dig around, or even look around you. Sometimes wind exposes these deposits, sometimes other miners do. Find a deposit and get to hacking. [Use Hacker/Pickaxe Deposit] But also [Use Commonsense RP] If you're a miner, you're likely not going to carry all of this back in your hands. You also might get attacked or robber. This is where preparing really helps. Now that you've got your gear, found your deposit, and have started mining, the rest should be fairly easy to grasp. Don't get bored out there, learn a song to sing, mess around with emotes while no one is around to JUDGE YOU, or think and feel a lot, to help get a better idea of your char's mindset. All good? That's all the tips I can think of for basic newbie knowledge of mining glass and obsidian.

Dung Grebbing- 'Greb' ing? What? Oh, that's Zalanthan slang for grabbing, probably. It basically means foraging, so you're foraging for dung, except not codedly using the forage command, you're just looking. What's neat about dung, is it may be in unexpected places, so try [look dung] in places you'd expect to find it. In obvious places, like the stables it sometimes forms a big ol' freaking pile of... well, dung. These obvious places are stables.

So how do you be a dung grebber? The Helpfile for dung tells you a little bit about it, and there's some smelly surprises in store for you, so I won't spoil the fun. Just be prepared to commit to being a Dung Grebber, and you can really make some good coin. Not Great, good. And SUPER SAFE! That's the best part, you never have to leave the city. Just get a shitbag from anywhere, any container will do, I suggest elven bodies, but they can be heavy, so maybe try a normal bag instead of a shitbag. Now, you've got your container, go find a stable! If you don't see a mound of dung, just try [get/look dung], there might be some lying around. If there is a mound of dung, woohoo, you've hit paydirt, time to roll up your sleeves and get dungy. [Dig mound] if you're using you're hands, [Use 'tool' mound] if you're using a tool, and a glasshacker seems counterproductive, but hey, maybe that's your style. I wouldn't suggest it, but I'm not your char. So you're a dung grebber now, how do you get paid? Well, far, far, far to the east side of the city, there's a freakin' dung merchant! This guy buys dung! Why? I have no clue, but hey, let's take advantage.  Why is it so far away? Life is hard, Zalanthas is hard, I'm hard, you're hard, dung grebbing is hard too. This mechant is hard too, he won't just take shit from you, he's got standards, that's why you need container! [Offer 'container'] to see how much shit he'll take, and [give 'container' 'merchant'] to really give it to him, he'll pay you, don't worry. He's good for it.

And now you hate your job! Welcome to Zalanthas!

Hunting- Hunting? Really? I'm a hunter now? Now, you're a newbie, and you're not sure what will kill you. Here's a perfect tip, if it comes after you, you can't kill it yet. This won't always be true, but if you're reading this to make coin, it's true. It if comes after you, run. It it doesn't run, maybe you could kill it. If it does run, you've got a really good chance of killing it. See a creature? Type [help 'creature'] and pretend a star just flew over my head, because The More You Know, the less you're considered a newbie. Now for that newbie coin, and the tips on hunting.

Nobody wants anything.

What?! How the heck am I supposed to be a hunter, you say? Well, okay, some people want stuff, but you have to find them! Use IG clues from what people say to determine what they want. People who make things often need things to make. Hunters need weapons or buddies. There's two groups right there for you to search out. Is what you have worth anything? Perhaps. Try valueing it. If it's a coin or two in value, maybe not. There's a possibility, but think of it this way, if you looked at something and decided, hey, this is maybe worth a dime, would you keep picking them up? What if it was a penny? You're no dung grebber, you're a hunter. Keep things of value, not shit.

If it's meat, cook it. If it's leather, try and sell it. Some players find reasons for their PC to buy things just to keep the economy alive and well, Highlord bless you, benevolent meta-gamers, but some legitimately NEED those things you're selling, so find 'em, impress 'em, and sell to 'em. Rats are an actual viable option, too. They have meat, and you can sell some of their things to someone, somewhere, someday, maybe. Just kidding, rats are iffy, but possible. Outside animals are better, because there's more risk. Risk = reward, right? Stores will buy some things too, but we promote PC to PC interaction, so try the store, and if it's full, find a PC.

Now you're a hunter, Lobo, go hunt alone.

Foraging, A.K.A 'Grebbing' - Okay, so, I'm a 'dirty grebber', what do I do? Go out and forage! Stay inside and forage! When you find something new, keep it on you a little while, and see if you can see anyone selling it. If you can, chances are they'll buy it for a cheaper price, or if it's a PC, know someone who might be interested. Got a bunch of junk? Value it all, keep the 'good' shit, and throw the rest in the heap. (Pro tip, if you walk by that heap of trash again, and someone took all of your so called junk, but left others stuff, you now know Someone wants that item!) Forage outside, forage in different types of room, find an elf and try 'forage pocket', who knows what you'll find! Don't forget to read [help forage] because there IS useful information in there that you could benefit from.

Clan Jobs- On the Armageddon Home page, you should be able to find a list of Houses and Clans that will employ newbie regularly, give you a teacher, and a group to 'hang' with. Most of the time, what you'll receive in addition to this is clan food, which is often unique, and free water. That's a great deal, and often, after a year, you start making coin. The best part of joining a clan is having someone you're not afraid to [ooc Wtf is happening? How do I do this?] with, another player who's new and let's you feel at ease while learning, but you also get regular chances to increase those skills of yours. Staying is not permanent for most clans, you can usually ask to leave, desert and be hunted, or wait your year and be offered a chance to get out, or double up and get paid, with plenty of new shit to learn/do/have. That's Clan Life.

How do you do this? Well, initiation into a clan or house is done via PC's, though I think, and I stress think in rare cases, staff will help you get in. Put a lot of effort into finding a PC first before you take Raptor_Dan's suggestion that Staff might help. They're busy pulling the strings, and it shouldn't be too hard for you to find the PC you're looking for. Here's the lowdown on how veterans of this game do it. First, you look at a rumor board in one of the Taverns, and keep an eye out for House or Clan names in the Title, then read that message, and pick out key names. Here's the syntax. [Read Board] and [Read Board 'message number'] Good, you're halfway there, because you know who's who and what's what. Next, you [contact 'big wig' or 'someone else mentioned'] and start asking about joining up. With the T'zai Byn there's a fee of three hundred coins? Why? Because you get a LOT of combat training, so much, that they rarely have time to make a profit because they're helping you so much, it seems. With other clans, there isn't likely to be a fee, but it's possible, just rare. Good, good, you're on your way. If they set up an appointment, you'll usually hear 'When are you available, late in the week? Early in the week?' Don't take this too literally, because an in game week is roughly an out of character, Real Life Day. So they're asking when you're on, late in the rl day, or early. Give them either a considerate answer after you've figured out whether it's early or late for them, or, because you're new, and because scheduling is difficult for all of us, you can enclose an OOC message in your way, saying -exactly- what time you're around. But here's the thing....

Please do not use OOC messages in your ways. There is an OOC command for this. If you MUST, you MUST, and I can't judge, but it's much much better for you to use the actual ooc command, so maybe you can meet this PC face to face, and use the OOC command then? That would help. Legend has it, Staff can see ooc communication and well notice you and go 'hmm, this guy is doing this and needs help. Hey, that's whay I'm here for, I'm going to go help him'. If you use it in a way message, all staff can see is 'This guy is communicating a out of character information using in character means', and if you're new, they'll probably let it go. If it's scheduling, they'll probably let it go. If it's your email, they'll probably not let it go so easily.

Thus, please do not use OOC messages in your ways. I am saying please, not giving a command. Use at your own discretion.

Now for the good part,

Conning people- If you've skipped past everything straight to tihs, you've lost a lot of valuable con artist information. You can tell people you're X or Y, and ask them to loan you the coin for said tools. Then you could tell them you were raided next time you meet them, and convince them you need more coin. Pretty much every single example of when you need to buy something I said above, you can con people into helping you with. 'I need three small for the Byn', or 'I need a salt sack' can get you some nice armor, or just a mug of ale. When no one's around to con, you can go do these jobs and make more coin, then con people some more. Or you can do these jobs, and find new players to work alongside, and think out more elaborate cons with.

You cannot sell someone a mul without getting more attention, probably negative attention. Why? Muls are slaves, and House Borsail are the people who sell slaves in Allanak, for the most part. This should clue you in to the fact that selling certain materials/things/people might draw attention from others who have a monopoly on that material. You know what no one has a monopoly on? Lies. Elves try, but they've failed so far. Sell someone something that doesn't exist. Find an item that says it's a ticket, and try selling it as something else. Go get hurt doing normal things, then come back and say, 'I've just been robbed! Please, I had coin for 'x' on me, and now I don't'. If you've been reading carefully, you know exactly who to blame too.

Well, I've tried my best to give you the gritty, hard truth about making Newbie Coin. I hope this helps. There are times I made jokes because that's who I am, and if you didn't pick up on that and died, I'm very sorry, I'm not great at making jokes. Just remember these final tips for everything.

Read Helpfiles for everything.

Use the Live Help button on the main website for 'Live Help', obviously.

Think through your chars eyes, and some things become more intuitive and easier to figure out.

Follow the lead of other chars that seem to be doing what you're doing. Follow a miner, talk like a con artist, and if all else fails, raid a salter.a

Have fun making coins, you fabulous new players, and Welcome to Armageddon!
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i believe those are gone and you have to forage spice to find spice now.

i wonder if the deposits are more fruitful further out on the silt sea.

that is something to consider!
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i believe those are gone and you have to forage spice to find spice now.

i wonder if the deposits are more fruitful further out on the silt sea.

that is something to consider!

There are still randomly occurring spice deposits. You can also forage for them along the sea's edge.
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