Welcome to Meatcraft!

Started by ArmageddonMUD, June 23, 2016, 10:18:20 PM

Hello, and welcome to the beginning of a new world!

Welcome to Meatcraft!

Over the past few months our staff, and more importantly, our builders have been hard at work on a new project to bring the world to life. But how, you ask yourself? Well, we went through all the animals of the Gol Krathu, and looked over the skinning lists - then we decided to mix things up.

We've made sure every animal in the region can be harvested for some form of meat or food product. We've also made sure that they drop at least one resource item a piece. In some cases this meant increasing the amount of meat large animals drop, changing the hides certain animals drop, and in very specific instances completely recreating the skinning file for certain animals. Then we went through and made sure every single item had at least one basic recipe that someone with a proper crafting skill can use.

There are approximately 100 new items being put into the game right now for you to go out, find, and use - and this is only the beginning. Other regions will begin to see similar changes as the months go by.

Go forth and hunt!

Welcome to the new age! Thanks to Eukelade for her work, mekillot and salt worms have now been updated to fit. Go out and hunt these creatures to find out what rare and impressive loot they drop.