It is possible to change desc if you are new to the game?

Started by amyandthepup, June 17, 2016, 12:14:35 PM

I came into the game not too terribly long ago with my first character. I love it! But I have a question, or three...or ten. I'll start with this one.

I wrote a very short, minimal description for my character. I wasn't sure what was allowed, and I must have gotten confused along the way about how long it could actually be. I got in the game and started looking at people, and holy cow! The descriptions are so much more detailed.

I read that we're only allowed two desc changes for the life of our character. Would it be possible to add to a current character description, and would it count against those two allowed changes?
Is death common enough here that characters really don't last long enough to make more changes necessary?
What about rewrites, edits? For the writer critics out there? :P

For any other specific questions, I'll use appropriate coomunication tools, not the forums. Don't worry.

Thanks! I look forward to diving into these forums.

You can log a request to enhance your description, yes it would count against the two over your life of your character, but to be honest this is rarely a factor.  Most PCs never change their desc.  A very long lived PC might change it once.  Death is pretty common for some players and not for others, it depends on your style of play.  If you are the type to go adventure in the wilderness, play criminals, etc - your PCs (in general) won't last as long as they will if you're a tavern socializer.

Generally- you can improve your description but you can't just totally rewrite it.  Your character still needs to be recognizable as the PC they were yesterday.

For example if you are:  "the tall, barrel-chested young man" it is completely acceptable to become "the tall, barrel-chested man" or "the greying, barrel-chested man" but you couldn't become "the youthful, black-bearded man" because that looks like a completely different PC.

The same holds true for the main description in that we generally would like you to keep most of it intact - though you can always add more detail.

While we are happy to change descriptions when needed, I advise you to put forth the effort in writing your description that it won't need rewrites and edits.  Staff have other responsibilities and many other players to help as well!