Subduing in Cities

Started by Esadal, May 07, 2016, 06:47:23 PM

In light of the recent subduing in cages question, I came up with my own. 

Do you still get Crimcoded if you subdue a creature in town?  (By creatures, I mean those crazy breeds creatures that live outside of the city walls.)
How about a scavenger hunt?

I think subduing rats won't get you crimflagged but I could be wrong on that. I know there was a post either on the GDB or on the tavern boards in game reminding people that rats could be killed by mundane means and the killer would not be crimflagged for it.

Talia said: Notice to all: Do not mess with Lizzie's GDB. She will cut you.
Delirium said: Notice to all: do not mess with Lizzie's soap. She will cut you.

I laughed when a bynner got dragged to jail for subduing a rat. It was awful and majestic.

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You can subdue an unconscious PC/animal with no repercussions, or someone with nosave subdue on. Works fine if you ask me. You will indeed get crimflagged for subduing a conscious rat or anything in crime coded areas, at the moment.

If you drag a hostile creature through the gates expect to get righteously dunked on. Be realistic with the npc/virtual world, pls. No guard would let you drag an unrestrained scrab through the gates. If you see someone who is doing this player complaint, for sure.