Typical time to request a skill advancement?

Started by Nail, April 28, 2016, 02:53:52 PM

Honestly I'm not even sure if the question is a proper one - I'm a bit confused about how one bulks up their stats in Armageddon.

What little I understand is that you:

  • Go do stuff.
  • When you "fail" at it, it registers an advancement (???)
  • Make a request to the staff to have your skill levels raised.

Is this correct? And if so, what's the usual timeframe for requesting something? Do I stab a few NPCs and then ask for a consideration straight-off, or should I take a few days?

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Skill gains are automatic and don't require staff requests.

Bullet points (1) and (2) are correct.  This might be helpful:


Bullet point (3) is ... I've seen a few different answers so staff can pitch in.  According to the following link it is possible, but rare.  According to other discussions, I think it is pretty much impossible.


That said, before you create a character you can use CGP and special applications to request skill bumps.  But after the character is created, I'm pretty sure it is rare to nil.

As to the implicit question of how long you should wait to see a skill bump: it'll vary depending on the skill.  Combat skills can take quite a while to go up, whereas non-combat skills go up a little quicker.  According to FAQ 9 (posted above) the general advice is that you should take a break after you get that fail before you can expect to advance again on another fail.  In general, things are set up so that it's 'realistic'.

as IF you didn't just have them unconscious, naked, and helpless in the street 4 minutes ago

If you were thinking that you have to send in a request for your skills to go up from practice/failing, you don't. That will happen automatically.

Okay, cool. That was basically my whole misconception. Thanks, guys.