Changes to the Game.

Started by ArmageddonMUD, April 01, 2016, 12:11:50 AM


In the interests of keeping the playerbase informed we would like to announce a number of changes that are occurring now or within the next week.

  • Psionics will be phased out and the psionicist guild removed. Instead we will be implementing NPC messengers that will utilize a form of the Hawker script and will move through the streets shouting out your message. Note this will only work in the cities and settlements.
  • Look character will be treated as an hemote from the next release.
  • The Wizlist has been updated.
  • Due to the concern over the new magick subguilds we will be removing them from the game. This will give us time to review the place of magick in Armageddon and decide if we wish to reimplement it and how.
  • Staff will be doing a regular 'Ask your staff' post. Each staff member will take a turn posting a discussion topic where they will answer questions from the playerbase.
  • Rangers are being removed from the game, and being replaced by four subclasses:  Stalker, Rider, Herbalist and Bow Assassin.
  • Rough circle drills now result in double skill-gain for dwarves.
  • House Tor will be reopened. Interested applicants should submit their character concepts with a name that makes sense if said as one word, e.g. Trai Tor.
  • The price of spice is being rebalanced to encourage its use.


  • Red Town be best town!  Now starting location of all newbies!