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Started by Renenutet, March 29, 2016, 08:18:26 PM

As long as you can be magnificent

and bold

and interresting

(Wait! Wait! No, not interesting like that, maybe impressive like this)

possibly brutal

whatever it takes for you to get your Borsail on.

You'll also be a self-starter who can lead and involve other players. You'll have decent play times and a collaborative attitude. Bonus points for being fascinating or driven.
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

Basic things to include with your application (you may amend existing apps by replying to them if you feel like you didn't cover some of this stuff) would be:

Short description
Main description
A high-level background including his or her personality
Your character's motivations and goals, as well as your goals (as a player) for the character
Your playtimes and availability
Your level of experience with Allanak, particularly with "upper crust" Allanak

The deadline for submitting apps is the morning of April 5 when Renenutet gets out of bed.

The rolecall is now closed, we'll get back to everyone as soon as we can.

You can still be magnificent!
This is open once more. I know there are some people on the waiting list and I'm hoping you'll send in a concept.
I want to stress that while all the above is still in effect, what I'd really like this time is a concept that concentrates less on the internal workings of your proposed pc (I want to see that too of course) and more on how you plan to involve others.  (Said plan cannot include opening the Wyverns.)
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

I will close this role call on Sunday. Get em while they're hot.
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

We will get back to everyone shortly.
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

Once again, I need a Borsail Noble, to step up and make life as interesting as possible for as many people as possible.
Please send your concept to House Borsail. This Role Call will remain open for one week. While you should include a description and background in your app, what will impress me most in a concept is one that has the possibility to affect other players, whether for good or evil.
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

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A short story for inspiration...

I'll tell you a secret, dear one, that I'll never let cross my lips. I don't actually enjoy gladiator games. It takes so much effort to prepare for them. You must of course wear new silks, and sit for an hour while the body slaves apply your kohl and powder and fix your hair just so. The Arena is the most public of places; you are there as much to see as to be seen yourself. But the stands are so loud, so open, so sun-scorched, and you must cheer and cheer and cheer as if the very sight of blood turns you wild. By the end you are exhausted such that you feel like you have been through one of those Fale parties - yes, those sorts - but have had none of the fun.

I don't enjoy gladiator games like so many of my cousins do. But I do enjoy using them.


"So glad you could make it, Lady Ceylandra. I found us excellent seats."

The seats were hardly excellent, though for indolent nobility of no public face like us, a bench midway up the stands was as fine as we could expect. I indulged my cousin Sirran's boasting with a carefully measured smile as I slid in beside him. There was a conspicuous reason this bench was available, one he was utterly unaware of. I inclined my head politely to Lord Azinious Oash, sitting primly at the other end.

I feigned interest in the warm-up violence already capturing the attention of the commoners. A Byn Trooper, showing his prowess to the city as he cut down poorly-fed gladiator gith. His name washed right through my ears, inconsequential. I waited for enough of a lull in the roar of the crowds and practiced the right tone of voice to use in my head.

"Which one do you think will win the championship, Sirran?" It was important not to sound too interested, or too informed. "Which one", instead of "who". Serious fans of the Games tend to refer to the gladiators as people; not I. I am playing the part of the disinterested Lady who is here because she had nothing better to do on a Waleuk afternoon.

"Oh, Barzan the Brute, of course. The Lord Overseer has him impeccably well-trained. If you had seen his last win, you would know none can stand against him." Sirran could not have sounded more smug and self-assured if he tried. A few others sitting near him nodded their agreement, too. Barzan had thus far never lost a match. His opponent, the Oashi-owned Gladiator Merix, was a relative unknown.

My cousin did not notice the amused quirk in the nearby Oash Lord's lips, but I saw it plain as day. Highlord bless Sirran for being so inattentive.

I caught the Oashi's attention. "Would you care for a wager, Lord Azinious? Five large, my House's champion against yours?"

He smiled thinly back at me in reply. "If you insist, young Lady Borsail. Though I will feel guilty taking your coin."

Dear Sirran jerked his head up, but said nothing. He was probably wondering what would possess me to bet such a sum of coin. It was not much to my older, richer cousin, but to me, a young Lady with no stipend, it was a handsome bet. I turned to him with a little goading smile. "I could use a new outfit or two."

Sirran turned to the Oash instead. "If you feel like losing more money, Lord Oash, I will wager ten." I bit my lip and prayed the warmth I felt inside was not coloring my cheeks. More nobles sitting near us offered their own wagers, and I encouraged them on. No one wanted to say a naive young Borsail was wiser with her money than they. Azinious accepted every wager willingly. By the end, he stood to lose near fifty large.


I had not seen Barzan's last win, but I had made it a point to do my research. The slice to his left leg had healed poorly, and the Brute had spent most of the last year indulging himself in a Champion's pleasures instead of training. He would be hard-pressed to have such a commanding performance again.

No, it was not a coincidence that we sat near Azinious Oash, my clandestine friend and mentor. Many of my cousins were too dim to even consider the possibility we could have been cohorts. Where they see family names and history, I see opportunity. The ambitious do not rise by doing only what is expected of them. And I mean to rise. Azinious' gladiator knew to favor the left.

The fight was indeed short, swift, and brutal. There were stunned looks of shock as Barzan the Brute lay dead on the sands, split open from groin to gullet. Azinious Oash collected coins and glares in equal measure. And, the next week at the Arboretum, he gave me my share of his new fortune - twenty large, as we had agreed. My only surprise in all of this was that the Oash kept his word so readily. I am sure he has his reasons, as I had mine for trusting him. I doubt it is a trust that will last long on either side.


"Lady Ceylandra. A word."

A voice I did not recognize rumbled outside my bedroom door. A man's voice, deep and older. The tone of authority made it clear this was some uncle of mine and not a servant. I leaped up, opened the door, and my jaw must have landed on my slippers.

"Lord Overseer. I... would you.. um... come in?" I stammered. Yumin Borsail took one look at my small, messy studio and snorted in reply.

"Ceylandra, I am told you have bought the House a new gladiator slave. In my honor. For twenty large?" He looked equal parts stern, disapproving, and curious. I took a moment to collect myself. I had not exactly expected having this conversation in my nightgown.

"Yes, Lord Overseer. A present for your birthday... to replace the Brute." I mustered the most confident smile I could manage.

"Am I correct in understanding, young Lady, that you have no aide, no stipend, hardly no reputation outside our family, and yet are still possessed of this sum of money and intend to give it to your Uncle?"

I nodded to each of his assertions as my heart stilled in my chest. Yumin offered me a thin smile.

"This is far above your station, Ceylandra. A junior Lady of fifteen, buying a slave."

My heart sank, but Yumin went on.

"And so we must raise your station. Have a slave pack your things, I am moving you into better chambers. See Lady Kemsey at once about arranging a stipend for yourself..."

He went on, and I nodded eagerly, pretending to pay attention, but inside I drowned in my glee.


That night, I let myself indulge. I was sure to shove my promotion in Sirran's arrogant, smarmy face. I had a bath, and fell asleep on my grandiose new bed, a wineglass in hand. I dreamt dreams of being Senator one day, of being covered in gold and diamonds and splendor, of lives changing irrevocably from a lift of my little finger.

When I awoke, I left my cushioned palace of a room. I went down to the magma gardens, and I planned. Dreams and ambition often come hand in hand, but it is work that brings both to fruition. And I have so much work to do.

I will make Allanak remember my name. As my silken boot presses down against the throats of the little people, they will stare up and fear me even as they fall in love.  I will do whatever I must and use anyone and anything within my grasp in order to get my way. I am Borsail.
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 Going.... Going...
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018

And gone. Got some really good apps, so the hard part is choosing. I'll be getting back to you tonight.
There are people already knowledgeable in game.  Find them and kill them so no one has cures and then poison everyone. -Kefka 2018