Started by Beethoven, March 09, 2016, 02:31:53 PM

Is there any less clunky way to say "humanoid" in Zalanthan parlance that you know of? For example, if you're telling a story IC and want to refer to the humans, elves, and dwarves that live in a region, "humanoid" feels too technical, listing off the races might disrupt the flow, and "people" might seem to imply more equality between the races than your character would. Plus, elves might not want to use such a human-centric word as "humanoid," especially among themselves!

It seems like in a world like Zalanthas where these races live among each other and attempt to coexist, there would be a collective term that would fit more fluidly into regular speech, and that all races would be able to use.

If there's no better term than "humanoid," I might just have to invent it IC and hope it catches on!

"The various peoples that inhabit Gol Krathu..."

Something like that?  I dunno, you could probably get more feedback from the playerbase.