Mental Intruders

Started by Miradus, February 22, 2016, 06:42:43 PM

A foreign presence contacts your mind.

You sense a foreign presence withdraw from your mind.

Over and over. It really only happens when I'm out and about in public areas. I know how the contact function works, but this isn't someone actually sending me text. They just contact me and then cease repeatedly. I don't know if it's one person, a dozen people, someone with the wrong keyword, or what.

What is happening?

your mind is gradually going into system shock and preparing to overload.

you have to type sleep immediately.

this is facetious. it's probably a stalker. or a missed keyword.
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There's a lot of IC and OOC reasons for those kind of contacts.

The most common OOC one is someone tried to reach someone who shares a name or keyword with your character and got you by mistake. For an IC rationalization, think of it as someone not focusing enough. The Way is supposed to be an imperfect mechanism after all.

The IC ones, well, you'll have to find out IC why you might be getting that kind of attention...

Probably a fairly common keyword in your sdesc.

Bright side, you now have a great IC reason to spam expel.

They're paid solicitors from Kadius, Salarr and Kurac who are running down the list of individuals they know or have been told of to peddle their products to, but then realize you're on the "no-contact" list and cut the connection.
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