How much time do you put in?

Started by Molten Heart, February 16, 2016, 04:28:46 PM

Aproximately how many work hours a month do the staff as a whole put in with the various aspects of running the game, like responding to requests, doing special apps, building, fixing bugs, interacting with players in game, etc?
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Speaking personally it varies widely.  Some weeks I'm able to commit very little time to the game, and others I may spend 30 hours.

On average I try to put in at least an hour or two a day. But a lot of those hours end up clustering around the weekend in reality.

I would say about 25 hours a week, but some of those hours are more productive than others.
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I am always on, always watching.

But no, I'd say I'm logged in for about 40 - 60 hours a week. Actually able to do things... Ehh... Probably 10 - 20.

For me it's hard to quantify as I might be mulling over Arm things while doing the washing up or waiting to pick the kids up etc, or be logged in to Arm and not be able to be actively engaged in stuff or be doing sweet f a that's particularly productive! But I usually have time to at least quickly look over requests and the imm board posts daily, and I'd say I do about 10 - 30 active hours doing Arm stuff a week.

Like everyone else I have my time logged in doing not much at all, I have my time logged in doing something productive, and I have the time I spend on discussion boards, in my email, working in google docs to figure out subguilds and so on.

I'd estimate that I spend anywhere from 10 - 30 hours per week 'actively' doing things for the mud dependent entirely on the week, how inspired I feel, what projects I have going on and what Real Life is up to. 
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