Tribals and nomad subguild

Started by Fain, February 15, 2016, 06:38:42 PM

If I ever wanted to apply for a coded tribal person, do I need to have the subguild nomad as well?
And can the coded tribal still have the bendune language while being some subguild other than nomad?
Thanks in advance.

You can have a subguild other than nomad just fine; the one human coded tribal I played had subguild grebber. Having the bendune language is tied in to being part of the human tribal clans I believe, so you'll start with it at master level just the way it should be.
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If you select a "nomadic" or tribal origin during character generation, you will start with both the tribal accent and master bendune.  You can then select any subguild you want, including nomad - it won't change your starting accent and additional knowledge of bendune.
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