Give us some phonetics...

Started by Asmoth, February 12, 2016, 03:42:53 PM

You staff members should post how your names are supposed to be said.  Because some of them look odd and I'm almost certain that I shouldn't be pronouncing some of them like Urine-Moose.

So please gimme how they are pronounced if you have a goofy one, not a simple on like Ath or so on.
<19:14:06> "Bushranger": Why is it always about sex with animals with you Jihelu?
<19:14:13> "Jihelu": IT's not always /with/ animals

Hah, Urine Moose. What a clever moniker!

Yeur-Ee-No-Mohs. Though it is similar to "Euronymous", the Norwegian guitarist in the black metal band Mayhem, Eurynomos is a demon in Greek mythology that eats all of the flesh off rotting corpses, leaving only their bones.
ArmageddonMUD Staff

I imagined Jave to be pronounced like Jade, but with a V instead of a D ... but other staff members seem to think it should be pronounced Hah-Vey, like the Mojave desert ... I decided I like that one better.  :P


I stole the name of a fallen angel from a book series I love - The Dresden Files.