Mount seller Morins? (Don't judge me bro)

Started by hopeandsorrow, January 27, 2016, 11:36:33 AM

I wandered around a bit, am I missing something or is there no mount seller in Morins? As well no help file I could find.

I quick search of the GDB returned only 1 page of results with keyword Morins.

There is a mount seller in Morin's. The room is actually called "Mount Sellers Yard".

Found it, thanks.  I play too much in the South I literally function on auto-pilot, I never been to the wonderful village of Morins.  Also, no help file, I was hoping for something that resembled a map. 

Morin's is my favorite area. When I first started playing I tried around Allanak and didn't like it, then while exploring I fell off the shield wall and made it all the way to Morin's when I stumbled across the road in my nearly-dead state. I mapped out that region and that's where I prefer to play.

It's just got a lot of fun stuff to do in that area and the whole frontier-lumberjack theme is awesome. I know there's this huge city RIGHT THERE but it's been closed since I started playing so the whole places feels like a frontier.