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Re: Desert Roguelike
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So it's been years, but I've had people ask here and there.  Figured this is one of the few communities which might think an update is cool! :)

I haven't abandoned this, I just barely work on it!  And I'm closer to a release than I was in 2016 or 2017!  Hah!

Gameplay has finally been fleshed out.  Most of the game is played as a traditional roguelike, exploring the world, dunging diving, and murder hoboing.  But there are two additional parts.

Firstly is the "travel game."  While you can just walk around the world map, it's really hard.  The desert sucks to walk in.  Instead, you can operate wagons and other vehicles, which you stock with supplies, spare parts, trade goods, and other people.  Then you select routes to travel, rather than navigating with the arrow keys. This exposes you to some Oregon Trail type gameplay -- where you'll have encounters and what not on the way.

The other is the "settlement game."  You live in a really basic settlement to start, but can develop it.  This started as a way to procedureally generate city-states, sorcerer-kings, and the like.  But I realized it might be fun to let a player just take advantage of it all as a sort of extra mechanic

As you can see above, I'm also fleshing out the art assets and important things (like tutorials).  So you, know.  SoonTM!
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Re: Desert Roguelike
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Keep at it!


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Re: Desert Roguelike
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This looks fun!


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Re: Desert Roguelike
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This looks like it would be awesome to give a run.


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Re: Desert Roguelike
« Reply #54 on: May 10, 2020, 03:20:04 PM »
Been reading over the thread. Am totally psyched by this project! I have no use able skills for helping but would love to see it be released

Thanks for all the work on it ^.^


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Re: Desert Roguelike
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Is this still a thing, does Feco still plan on making it?