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I feel privileged to have been involved in these events. Many great characters. It'll probably remain my favorite period of Arm.

Too bad my subsequent characters never approached a fraction of the enjoyment I had with the one so involved. That's on me, though, ultimately.

And I immediately thought of Swearengen! Well done.
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That is in no small part due to how amazingly well he was roleplayed. Kudos until the end of the earth.

Tahk he did take them both by surprise by attacking Hasan. We thought we'd broken him a lot more than we had...

Awww, thanks. Sometimes he was extremely difficult to play to character. He had narcissist and megalomaniac traits that, when properly manipulated (not just by Corra, but also some others) would result in him acting pretty seriously against his own interests. And made things like not being broke 24/7 an issue. He was perpetually poor because he hated to take handouts, but he would kill any commoner or forgive any crime for enough money, as some people found out.

Sometimes separating what I knew as a player and what I knew as a character was difficult. I would often just sit around, thinking of scenarios and how he would react. Like with making enemies with Stellvia and Iancu, which was stupid and would have been unnecessary if not for his pride. Or with attacking Kitrix. I had written down, "if anyone says X about Aria, attack," not expecting that it would be another templar that I barely saw because our playtimes rarely crossed.

And when it happened, there was something like three full seconds between him saying X and me convincing myself that I did have to snap and attack him then and there, because I knew that I would probably lose my character whether I killed him--with witnesses, in a horrible location--or not.  Or rolling out, fully intending to attack Hasan because Takh thought he could take him (LOL). Anyway, it was a great ride.

Anyway, it was hands-down one of my two best characters in Arm. Srsly stop making me want to play again  :'(

Standing there as Moraz, I was literally yelling at my wife for help (she hates MUDs) in trying to figure out wtf I was seeing and how to react for once lol.
Takharion was a wonderful PC to interact with, and one of the highlights of my login times during that era.
Phenomenal times with that PC. Even the delicious betrayal ending. Oofta I wish I had more time to play Arm again.
<Morgenes> Dunno if it's ever been advertised, but we use Runequest as a lot of our inspiration, and that will be continued in Arm 2
<H&H> I can't take that seriously.
<Morgenes> sorry HnH, can't take what seriously?
<H&H>Oh, I read Runescape. Nevermin

I thought his stunned, frozen silence and later freak-out were perfect, personally.
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That and uh, getting to break the nose of a templar and walk out of the room later. Bwhaha
<Morgenes> Dunno if it's ever been advertised, but we use Runequest as a lot of our inspiration, and that will be continued in Arm 2
<H&H> I can't take that seriously.
<Morgenes> sorry HnH, can't take what seriously?
<H&H>Oh, I read Runescape. Nevermin

Having played Shaze, I truly enjoyed interacting with Takharion. His personality had multiple sides, all fleshed out and real. I literally put aside manifesting for months upon months upon months, just so I can stick around and play with Takharion.

This was an awesome read. Thanks for sharing.
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How did I miss this?!

I wanna bio. :(
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These are great.  I've been trying to be better about bios, myself.

This part made me laugh:

QuoteDuring the Tuluki's fight against our barricade, Sergeant Seras
did--with an inspired display of panic at the fire raining from the sky--cause
some of the Tuluki Legion's forces fighting with him to rout.

This is a surprisingly accurate account of what happened.

I was involved in some of the Hasan plots too (on the opposite side of Takharion), if only indirectly, so it was cool to see it from this perspective.
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Damn it. Rereading these bios is making me want to play more. But I'm sooo frustratingly busy. I played an aide two times in total. My first experience was pretty meh. But playing Shaze with Takharion was a fucking A experience. I've dealt with plenty of Templars in various capacities, but playing with Takh's broody fleshoutness was a pleasure.

Great read. Well done, valeria.

I definitely do not use enough swear words in my biographies. ;D

I played a militia corporal under Takharion and reeeeally wish I could have interacted with him more. But I was so out of the loop with that clan due to my playtimes.  :'(