Started by Medivh, November 24, 2015, 05:03:55 PM

Are butterflies a thing?
Also other small bugs and what not that are common to us

Is there a list somewhere?
Backstab is actually the only dialog option an assassin has.

We have some little beetles that people can wear on their shoulders and other small "pet" bug objects so I'd think that yes they are a thing. I'm not aware of any definitive list though.

I'm also not sure about butterflies in particular. Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

There are a variety of beetles and ants, of all sizes.

I'm not aware of any butterflies or moths personally.

Oh, and kankflies - which exist despite the absence of kanks.

There are also centipedes too.  Various species of arachnid of varying size - I know they're technically not insects, but they fulfill that niche.  Caterpillars exist, but the Zalanthan variety don't seem to undergo metamorphosis - you can safely assume not.  There are two varieties of fleas described - kank fleas, more akin to regular fleas.  There are also sand fleas - akin to crab louse.

Gambi flies are described in the helpfile for Ivory-Salt Sicknes, there's the kankflies that Seidhr mentioned, and you can safely assume there are equivalents to houseflies.  Cockroaches are out there.

"help disease" references a handful of them, and a number of larger insects are in the "animal life" section.  Really, most common insects are represented in one way or another.  There may be some stinging insects out there, but the closest analogue to bees or wasps are wezers.  Given the staggering variety of insects in real life and the lack of common literacy in Zalanthas, you can safely assume that there are a great number of insect species that don't even have a name.

Dung beetles rolling balls of dung are referenced in an echo in Tuluk, if memory serves.

I don't think butterflies really fit the setting of Zalanthas, but there are plenty of insects that do. I don't think I've ever been put off by someone talking about normal sized spiders or creepy-crawlies in game.

One of the recent rooftop additions might be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about Zalanthas' smaller insects!