Zalanthian nights, arabian delights. Or something.

Started by Jihelu, November 09, 2015, 04:53:02 PM

So about the sky
"I remembering being led to beleive the Zalanthan sky is red, though I did see a place that long ago. One of those out of the way very rarely travelled sort of areas and it disctinctly pointed out the sky being blue, I noticed it because it went against everything I thought. I wonder now if I should have typoed it. Whoops!"
I'm guessing it is red and what not. Are there any clouds up in the sky(Guessing no cause never rain 2015)? Just red with the sun and moons?
What about night? Stars?
Does each moon have its own fancy glow?

- The sky is red.

- Not 100% sure about stars and I don't want to say the wrong thing!

- Clouds would require evaporation and condensation ;)

- The white moon and the red moon reflect their respective colors.

The sky is indeed red, though there are a handful of areas in game that mistakenly call it blue.  I forgot about them for a while, but I just corrected the instances that I knew of.

Concerning stars:

Stars                                                                   (Sky)

   There are some few visible stars in the night sky of Zalanthas.  However,
they are often obscured by a haze of dust or silt, and are more often than
not drowned out by the brightness of Jihae or Lirathu.
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