Byn Status

Started by original, October 17, 2015, 10:23:11 AM

I am not asking for any names at all, so please dont give me any. I can get them in game if I go this route.
I am just curious if the Byn has active recruiters right now, and if so are there more then one. I am about to make a young upstart, and just want to know if a 'Always wanted to be in the Byn' style background will realistically work. In the sense of, being able to get recruited.
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Currently, there are active people in the Byn, as well as recruiters. You can either ask other PCs or check the rumor boards in your local bars to find out which one to contact.

Syntax: 'look board' for a list of available rumors.
Syntax: 'read board <number>' for a detailed view of the rumor you want to look at.

I think if you want to create a PC that has always been in the Byn, before you enter the game, you can use the request tool, send in a request, and work it out with the imms. If it's just the background, then you'll have to come up with a reasonable story why you left it, and why you want back in. If you have questions, helper chat is a great place to go to for IC sensitive stuff.
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Hey there!  The Byn is rather active at the moment with two units going (no IC sensitive info :P ) that you can find IC.  Like Kankfly said, head to one of the local taverns and you should be able to find information on them on the boards.  If you have trouble, please don't  hesitate to send in a request via the request tool, clan related question/request to the Byn staff.
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