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Started by Sanvean, September 19, 2002, 07:51:48 PM

This is the place for discussion of the code: suggestions for improvements, feedback on changes, or questions that you have. Please avoid anything that might spoil things for a player that hasn't encountered whatever it is - for example, indepth discussion of a particular magick spell would be inappropriate. No flames!

Hey, Somebody want to fix the value skill on the armor smith npc up north
I figure that is how it figures out what to say it will cost and how long it will take, Simple script most likley, But anyway, getting old that you come in to get a pair of leather gloves resized and it says 8 hours and 78 coins, so for the hell of it you come back in 2 hours and it is done and you get charged 11 coins, but even worse when you have a really nice item and it says 0 hours and 5 coins and you come back 10 hours later, not done, 12 hours, done, but even the 100+ coins you have on you is not enough, also got two different times and prices for the same bracers, yet was done at same time and for the same price.

Hope this is the right place for this.... if not, sorry, but still needs fixed :wink:
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Quote from: "X-D"Hope this is the right place for this.... if not, sorry, but still needs fixed :wink:
I think a better place for this would have either been a bug within the game, however because all that wouldn't of fit, an e-mail to mud@ginka.armageddon.org would probably have been better, only so the correct Imm would notice it easier. I'm sure it'll get noticed and fixed though.

My question is on the hide command and the commands you can do with out having to type hide after every action, ie so I know you can sneak and hide which will let you move and theoretically stay hidden, contact, and scan and listen as these are mentioned in the docs, but can you take items and remain hiden or if you use say as apossed to tell. can you look at someone and not become unhidden?
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This post really isn't meant to be replied to, rather it is a description of the forum and what sort of posts belong in it.  I'm going to lock this thread, if you have outstanding questions in it please post them again in the forum.

Thank you.
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Some clarification:

This forum is for code ideas, suggestions, and limited discussion of mechanics. Sometimes in depth discussion of mechanics can hurt the game. We don't want to see people discussing the best way to train skills or the best way to stay hidden or how to most efficiently codedly kill someone. This is not a place for theorycrafting or unraveling mysteries. The mysteries have a purpose. They are supposed to encourage realistic play over minmaxing efficiency. If you are the type of person who likes to theorycraft and min-max I can sympathize. But I urge you to police yourselves and find another outlet for that.

Some examples of things that are absolutely okay to talk about:

- A new idea to add directional functionality to the listen command
- Possible modifications to the emote code
- Help with the proper syntax for kicking someone

Some examples of things that are absolutely not okay to talk about:

- How the "Splash" spell works
- All the modifiers that apply to the backstab skill
- What the best way to level up parry is
- That if you "squeeze" a large ball of wax, magickal scrabs will appear and eat you

If you're in doubt, send in a request first.