Expanded scar offerings now available!

Started by ArmageddonMUD, May 24, 2015, 03:12:36 PM

Have you always wanted to play a one-legged, no-handed, missing-toed, whip-scarred, pockmarked, wrinkly character? You know, the kind of character who has been utterly beaten down by Zalanthas and has no hopeful prospects at all? Or even just someone who is slightly more scuffed up than you previously could play?

We thought so! Today is your lucky day. We have updated and expanded the scars and disfigurements that are available to players to decorate their PCs. Just as previously, there are two ways to get these:

-- In the Ancient Place of Kings (when your character first generates into game), the scar-giving NPC can give you an array of old, healed scars.

-- After your character is fully in game (after pointing), you may use the "change locdescs" command from any quit-safe room in order to be transported to an area where you may now use 4 different NPCs to choose:

     -- Old, healed scars (including whip scars now)
     -- New, livid scars
     -- Disfigurements such as missing digits, hands, eyes, nose
     -- Skin conditions such as boils, pockmarks, and wrinkles
     -- Crude prosthetics such as peg legs and hook hands (everything else is still free, but these do cost obsidian) (make sure to have your coins already in your inventory before you transfer to this room as you cannot "get" them while in this OOC area)

When you are done choosing your scars, you may use the "change locdescs" command from the main scar room to once again be transported back to your quit location. As always, while in this OOC area, please do not look at other characters nor try to communicate with them!

Note: When you first use "change locdescs" it appears that the room will not show the NPC nor the exits to you. Just "look" again in that room and you should see them.

Building for this project was done by Builder Yashti, with oversight and original idea from Talia.