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Started by ArmageddonMUD, April 11, 2015, 02:26:34 PM

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April 11, 2015, 02:26:34 PM Last Edit: April 11, 2015, 02:33:14 PM by ArmageddonMUD
We are now taking applications for the Builder Role.  Applications will be open for one week and will close on Saturday 18 April.  Please submit an application via the request tool, using the category 'Builder Application'. Please take the time to answer the questions contained in the request form and submit the requested descriptions.

The Armageddon Builder Role
What is the purpose of the Builder Role?

The Builder role is an opportunity for players to contribute directly to the game without taking on full staff responsibilities. Players have expressed an interest in a role of this type being available, and this is our attempt to accommodate that desire.
Despite the restrictions placed on this role, it will still grant access to certain databases, tools, objects, and scripts that are not available to typical mortal accounts. Though Builders are not staff members, a similar level of trust is still necessitated.

What is a Builder?

A Builder is a trusted, non-staff position who has volunteered to help staffers in the creation of rooms, objects, and NPCs within the scope of approved projects, and have been given the necessary immortal-level access to do so. Builder avatars are separate from player avatars, and the two are never logged in at the same time.

What is a Builder not?
Builders are not staff. They do not have access to any documentation, commands, or tools other than the ones necessary for the creation of rooms, objects, and NPCs. Builders will not be allowed to propose their own projects, but they will choose which they want to work on from a database of available projects. Builders do not have access to areas of the game which players interact with.

The Building Process

Projects in need of Builder support will be outlined in the Builder section of the Armageddon staff discussion board. These might be active projects such as upcoming plots, ongoing projects such as item revamping/updating, or defunct projects which are free to be revived by an interested Builder. Builders will be free to choose which projects they want to work on. They will collaborate as needed with whichever staff member is leading that particular project and then work within the scope defined by the project leader. Different projects will have different levels of 'creative freedom.' All building projects will have specific goals and defined outcomes, though they may vary in their execution. All completed work must be approved by an Admin+ before going live to the game.

Applications for Builder Roles are now closed. We had an incredible response. Thank you to all who replied, you should be hearing from us very soon. As mentioned we are only taking on a very small sample of Builders this first go round, a maximum of 3, while we test out the role. But should it prove successful we hope to open up the opportunity again!