Assorted Game Changes.

Started by ArmageddonMUD, April 05, 2015, 01:15:30 AM

A couple of weeks ago a 'Brainstorming' thread was posted for players to give propose ideas for changes to staffing structure, processes and other game considerations that might alter how we do things.

At the same time Staff had been spending some time talking about what we were doing, what we weren't doing, and what we wanted to be doing.

From those discussions we've implemented a few changes. We've got a few more things that are currently in motion, some others that will shortly come to fruition and some that we hope to announce in the very near future. 

Some of these ideas most definitely came from player suggestions, and if they were not directly taken from them, they may have been spurred by some of the conversations that were brought up there. So thank you again for the input on that thread.

We'd like to let you know where we're at so far, and what's upcoming in the short term, and hopefully we will have more news to share in the very short term.

- Zone changes now save up to every 2 minutes. Purpose - reduce the number of reimbursement requests.

- New description change tool. Allows staff to edit descriptins while the character is offline.

- New MasterCraft process for staff. All staff can now build MC, no longer tied to clans. Shares workload amongst staff.

- Update 'script' so that new staff are auto set with privileges to all zones.

- Cleaned out Typo/Bug/Idea database. Delete duplicate entries, defunct entries (for example desc changes for dead PCs), entries resolved previously etc.

- Creation of the ArmageddonMUD GDB Account (Me!) for Official Announcements. So that important information does not get lost in the shuffle.

To be implemented next week:

- New MasterCraft helpfile for Players. Clearer guidelines, designed to streamline the process, speed up turnaround time, clear up ambiguity.

- Account Notes no longer prompt a karma review. Will now be resolved within the 7 day timeframe.

- New request tool category - Karma Review. Players may submit a request for a karma review. Reviews may happen only once every 6 months. May be resolved by any staff member. Turn around time up to 1 month.

- Character Report Template - Streamlined character reports.

Incoming Changes Date TBD (But Soon!):

- Addition of NPCs in GMH Warehouses loaded with all stock items to reduce amount or item ordering.

- Introduction of the 'Builder' role to the Armageddon Team. This role will not be a full staff role. It wil be a contributing role similar to Player Helper and GDB Moderator. Builders will work on staff assigned projects such as NPC, Room and Object creation to support plots, game updates, etc. Builders will not have access to information about game storylines, player information or perform any parts of the Storyteller role.

NOTE: Some of these changes have already been announced via the Weekly Updates on the game website. The upcoming ones will be announced as they are implemented in the same manner.