Elven age

Started by Nithus, March 14, 2015, 08:36:46 PM

How old is a elf that is considered a child? At what age is a elf female capable of having children? At what age is a elf considered a teen? At what age is a elf considered elderly? At what age are elves considered adults? At what age would it be possible for a elf to die of old age?

Help age is a good way to find this info, it's a ratio.
So if someone 18/ 65( About when humans die) is started to be considered a man, ratio that with elf age. With the number on bottom being the max elf age, number on top being X (What you are looking for.)

For simplicities sake all of the playable races just operate off of a ratio of human age for developmental purposes. So when an elf is at 92 they're the equivalent of a 68 year old human (from http://armageddon.org/help/view/Age). So they age about 73% as quickly and hit all the developmental stages at 73% the rate of a human.

So just multiply a human age by 0.73 to get what an elf would roughly be at.