Sick of Vets

Started by Darmon, January 16, 2015, 12:01:53 AM

I am so sick of veteran Armageddon players, playing every character like they are better then new players no matter the circumstances. And infusing RL experience with the game into their character like their character knows everything. Thinking cuz they have played for awhile they must steer every plot line. Many many many helpful cool vets. But a few of you are just plain dicks. And completely wayyyyy off base with your roleplay.

Well that's mean and unhelpful. You didn't really say anything constructive. You just insulted people. Why did you do that?

You acknowledge a bunch of vets are cool and helpful yet feel the need to vaguely insult others.... Ok.

Thread lock in 3...2...1...


If you really are a new player, welcome to Armageddon.

My experience is much different to yours, it seems. I rarely see poor RP from veterans of the game, but I imagine we all slip up from time to time. Keep in mind sometimes a character has reason to know things you might not think they should, based on IC experience.

You are right in one way, in that a character should not know secrets just because his/her player does.

In future, you might want to not be quite so hostile in your posting. Much of what happens in game is unfair on an IC level, but that's because Zalanthas is an unfair world.
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I'm just going to assume this was meant to be a joke because you're not actually new. Still, it's kind of troll-ey, and that's against the rules:,28823.0.html

Please don't do this! Thanks.
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NPC: "Yeah, that fell through, sucks but YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIREEE!! FIRE-KANKS!!"