No-one is innocent in His light.

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TULUK – a sprawling metropolis languishing on the edge of the GREY FOREST. A city mortared with blood, built on the back of slaves and ruled by the despotic SORCERER KING MUK UTEP!

CRUSHED beneath a corrupt noble class, the populace of Tuluk live at the whim of the TEMPLARATE – the final word in law for the common man. ASSASSINS, sanctioned by the state prowl the crumbling alleyways hunting for dissidents, SPIES and INFORMANTS lurk in every shadow- looking for fresh VICTIMS to disappear.

BESIEGED on all side by the voracious KRYL, the MALIGNANT SORCERY OF SOUTHERN OPPRESSORS and other wasteland SCUM, the ivory city exists only through FEAR and SUPPRESSION.

WAR looms and the talons of the police state tighten about the throat of the populace – throttling the weak and burning away anything deemed an anathema to the established ORDER.

You are a SERGEANT of the SUN LEGIONS. Your mandate is this: ROOT OUT the enemies of the state. KILL in the name of the SUN KING and apply the LAW of his kingdom.

The POOR, the WRETCHED - they are dirt on the sole of your jack booted foot. The CRIMINAL and the SOUTHERNER are the gore on your blade. The TRIBAL and the OUTSIDER are not to be trusted and the CITIZEN is to be put in its place.

YOU have what the city needs. YOU are the cure to the ills of the world and YOU have the soldiers and the training to survive.

Because out beyond the Heart – be it in the alleys of the Warrens, the shanty town of Friel's rest or the wider Gol Krathu – you aren't just a Sergeant – YOU ARE THE LAW.

We need a new Sergeant of the Utep Sun Clan - His Legions.

You will be provided everything you need to kill the enemies of the Ivory City:

  • Arms and armour.
  • Training.
  • A clan full of badasses to shape to your liking.
  • Unprecedented freedom to mold progression for your underlings and support advancement and reward ability.
  • A swarm of poorly-armed peasants to catch arrows for you.
  • A city of possible spies and suspects.
  • A horde of insectoid horrors kept at bay by a crumbling battlement of thorns and vines.
  • Awesome clan staff ready to support your play.

What we need from you:
- A short description, main description, brief background, subguild and some general ambitions or goals you might have for the role.
- A knowledge of sponsored roles is encouraged, but not required. Take a gander at the Sponsored Role Rules for more.
- A little information about your play times - what time zone you inhabit, how often and when you'll think you'll be able to play and so on.
- How familiar are you with Tuluk? Brand new? Old hand? We're willing to help newbies to the city get settled in!

The deadline for all of these roles is Janurary 17th!

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When you were born there was no celebration. No gifts were exchanged – no wishes whispered for your future.

The first person your eyes ever beheld wasn't your mother – nor your father. It was an old man and, if you had the mind of an adult you would have seen an assessive look in his eye as you squalled and drank your first of the dusty air.

There were no toys or pleasures for you. You were fed, you were carried and then when you were old enough you walked. You were watched and you were given things to carry or barakhan lizards to watch, or a broom to hold.

One day the broom was taken away and you were lined up with the other children as a horrible outsider in a burned cloak dragged red dust across the yard. Hands, scarred in patterns were all you could see as you obediently stared ahead. Half of you were gestured to – half of you followed the man out and away from home forever.

From that day forward you asked no questions. You didn't speak straight. You learned quickly with bruises and worse to remind you. Amongst the tasks of your earlier youth you were now given lessons in fighting. You grew quickly. There were more of those men and women here, in this place in the other city. The one that wasn't for you. They all wore the burned cloaks and all spoke strangely.

Your empty hands were filled with clubs and the lessons grew to take more and more of your time. Soon combat suffused your life – alone, in groups – with and without weapons or with things that could be weapons.

The day came when everything your life had been building towards culminated – you and your brothers knelt before the House of your masters and in turn were struck with a spiked fist. Your gashed cheek tied you to your Ktakr – to your war party. You fell a slave – but you rose an Utakr.

How long has it been since that day? Since you began this path your entire world has been turned upside down. Taken from your home a second time you are to serve the Sun King directly – as a Sergeant in his Legions. While many other Septs – if not an entire Clan have been brought with you, the barracks are still a strange and confusing place.

Oh and apparently now you're 'free' – whatever that means.

GOOD NEWS! We were sat around thinking 'How can we one up Allanak get people into an even bigger frenzy about killing bats, people, insects, etc. and get them excited about the fun we've got in the pipeline?' - the answer at first was fire kanks - but then we decided that we'd just hurry along some changes we're making behind the scenes.

I'm sure nobody's noticed we've added 'help slavery' - or the other minor tweaks we've been shuffling out. But you could say this adjustment to this role call is a sneak peek at what's to come. But wait I'm getting ahead of myself:

Sergeants with backgrounds as LYKSAEN WARRIORS will now be considered for this role call!

That's right. You can be the first Lyksaen warrior in game for longer than I've been on staff. You will get a primer on Lyksaen culture and leeway in your character's history and how they've come to be a 'free' Sergeant in the Legions.

I extend this offer to all of you - new players and old!

If you've already put a request in - don't worry - just reply to your existing request with a new concept. We'll be sending out a reply to give you a heads up on this change soon.

Given that we now might be expecting people to put in a brand new application - and newly interested parties to make brand new applications - the role call has been extended until: THE 23rd OF JANUARY.

To clarify for those with no experience with House Lyksae - Lyksaen warriors are slaves raised and trained by House Lyksae. Recent IC events have resulted in this fighting force being incorporated into the Slave Legions of Muk Utep himself.

No prior knowledge of House Lyksae is required for this role. You will receive a primer on your character's life as a slave in the House.