How I was planning on getting hired I just dont know.

Started by Esima, November 16, 2014, 04:33:14 PM

OK so I am not new to RPI's but I am new to this mud, I came in, had a firm character role in mind and now I am lost. I dont understand clans vs jobs or or jobs clans or how do I get hired someone help me before I pull all my hair out please!

Given that this is a permanent death mud, The best advice I can give is stay safe and take your time with the process. If you push yourself too fast on a potential enployer it may backfire. You will be able to learn a lot just by listening and talking to people in game. I hope that you are willing to play your character as mostly clueless and as very curious because having both qualiyies will help. Roleplaying being surly and dangerous, if your goal is to get a job, will be fun but will more likely end violently.

For the question specifically, being a member of a clan will guarantee you jobs to do but clan membership is a huge acconplishment in harsh Zalanthas that many fail to ever achieve for IC (in character, aka realistic) reasons.

Some clans you could consider are the Tzai'Byn for warriors, House Kadius, Kurac, or Salarr for merchants or hunters or crafters, and the patronage of a noble in Tuluk where you act as a serf or hunter or crafter, or a military career in His Arm (allanak) or the Sun Legions (Tuluk).

In any case, for your first, very mortal PC, be cautious, hang out a lot in bars to meet and talk to people, and take it slow. Joining a clan on your first day as a newbie is next to impossible. I didn't fornally join a clan until my fifth or so PC and it was as a Salarri crafter. Which was a lot of fun!
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find out in character

Really it depends on what you want to do, but a good rule of thumb is to try hanging around a tavern or two for a while. Read the board for rumors and see if someone is looking for people in <whatever your speciality is> and if not, work it into conversation and see if anyone knows if someone is looking.

I've had characters who needed a job go a few days drifting, and I've gotten super lucky and been hired five minutes after entering the game, it can be a bit discouraging sometimes, but people can be pretty accommodating sometimes in my experience.

Just uh, don't go around saying you want to be an assassin and are a sneaky type, thaat's something better to only tell your employer, reaaaal privately.

Edit: Darn it Harmless. Oh well, my post is still valid, if much more vague. Just uh, yeah what he said about taking it careful, rushing into employment can be a bad thing too, don't want to piss someone off by being too pushy.

Read the boards in taverns. Find names of important people.

contact important person

psi Hi, my name is X, and I was hoping we could meet for an interview.

Make sure that the job you're after fits your characters wants and needs.

"Clans" on armageddon is a catchall used to describe coded organizations that players can be a part of.  Clans include people who might hire you to do work, but also include tribes comprised of extended families (both human and elven).   "Clan" strikes me as an archaic and OOC term that's just kind of stuck.

"Jobs" are an IC term.  If you are employed by someone, they might or might not initiate you into their clan, if they are even a member of one.  If they're paying you (or protecting you, or whatever) then it's a job.

Jobs with official titles (soldier, aide, mercenary, guard) typically entail joining a clan; but there are also coded ways to make money at "independent" jobs (like dung shoveling and salt foraging, for instance).
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Start talking to people, go with the flow, be prepared for downtime. It's a wild ride, but first you must stop trying to steer.
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I don't really blame you for being unable to find work. I find lots of clans aren't very visible lately, and certain others can't hire as many people as they used to because reasons.
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Also, remember Guild does NOT = job. I've had rangers that served quite effectively as soldiers. Assassins can be an aid or work as a soldier or some cases a hunter. In Tuluk there's a clay pit where you can sell clay that you dig (forage) and cotton fields that you also forage for. Prostitutes are legal and make good money (if you RP good). As Harmless suggested take your time. Get to know the game and whatever location you are in. There's nothing that says you have to go hunting because you're a ranger. And unless you want to die inside the walls of whatever location you are in is safer than outside them. Helper chats are great for those times when you need more information or are lost and confused and I've never had anything but praise to give to the helpers that do that. I've been a long time player, but there are still aspects of the game I don't know or understand.
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