Infobar and ANSI/VT100 conflict

Started by Sephiroto, September 17, 2003, 05:50:42 AM

I'm assuming this is a bug/fluke in the code somewhere.

The scenario:  For the past several months I've used the infobar due to my preference.  I've also used ANSI/VT100 for over a year now.  The colors and such have worked perfectly until I created my past character.  I didn't even close my client screen, so I know its nothing in my settings.  I noticed I wasn't getting infobar refreshes after I inputed my prompt.  I typed infobar, some 2-3 hours or so after my initial login.  All of my fonts turned green and stay green until I enter combatThey go back to green when I'm done.  Then when I turn infobar off the fonts are bright, my ANSI color until I enter combat, or logout and log back in.  I think that it is a code bug.  Certainly not an incompatibility with my client.  A character died (with infobar activated and working normally), I created a character, and played the character (colors incorrect with infobar) during the same session.

Is there anything that can be done?  I like using my infobar, but don't want to switch to another client.  When the colors are messed up, I can look in my client settings and the color settings are still set to black and white.  Perhaps you've come across this before, or would be willing to experiment with the code going thorugh when I activate infobar.

I send out my call,

Thanks - Seph