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With original submissions still unavailable we are going to allow players to post their character portraits in this gdb thread.

The thread is for the artwork that players create or have commissioned, the kind of artwork we'd normally put on the website but are currently unable to.  (Note, this is not the place to put RL pictures of people who look like your character concept etc).

To help keep things streamlined and on track please keep the following rules online:

- Post character portraits for your own characters only
- Do not post character portraits of any PC that is still alive in game
- Do not post character portraits for any PC that was in game within the last year

Rules for this forum must be followed in any discussion of these character portraits.

Additional expectations and rules for this subforum:

•  Discussion should be centered around the submission.  This can cover the events of the submission itself and discussion of that character (most submissions are about specific characters and specific events).
•  While discussing the plot or characters of the submission is fine, make sure that your post revolves around the scene or the character(s)--not your character or stuff that happened that is vaguely related to it.  In general, the more that the discussion deviates from the specific submission, the less likely it should be there.
•  If you desire to specifically discuss your own character's exploits, we encourage you to work on your own original submission.  Once the tool is ready we will let you know!
•  No discussion of a PC that is (or may be) alive, period.
•  If the PC has passed within the past year, it still may not be discussed, period.
•  Off-limits topics:

◦Ongoing plots.
◦Magick system, magickal plots, or mechanics thereof that are not in the public documentation or in the public website.
◦Code mechanics.

"It doesn't matter what country someone's from, or what they look like, or the color of their skin. It doesn't matter what they smell like, or that they spell words slightly differently, some would say more correctly." - Jemaine Clement. FOTC.

Will this thread / submissions call remain open indefinitely? I have a portrait I'd like to submit that isn't a year old yet.

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The intention is to have this thread open until we have a viable way to receive and post original submissions on the website. Of course if everyone ignores the rules, flames, or otherwise turns this thread into the thread of doom - no promises.
"It doesn't matter what country someone's from, or what they look like, or the color of their skin. It doesn't matter what they smell like, or that they spell words slightly differently, some would say more correctly." - Jemaine Clement. FOTC.

Well! Uh ... bit old but I don't really have anything I'm happy about with subsequent characters yet so ...  :) I'll start you off with some sketchy colored pencil.

Byn Trooper Andra, the lithe, sharp-clawed female. I later heard her approval slipped through and she should have been a special app, but I was quite content with aesthetically mutated. She got a chronic Tuluk player like me into the Byn, which was an experience I appreciate. Was in the Northern unit of the time, and one or two more since, when I returned to her after wandering off from here for a while. *squints at patch* ... Nope can't tell which it is here.

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Biscuits unlinked all of the really good character portraits!

Be nice. - D
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I work on my character's portrait while they're alive, and they rarely end up finished.  You can kind of tell which were the products of a few months, and which I had over a year to work on.  I present to you all:

Sherris Keshmar, Winrothol Cavalier:

Koatl "Spark" the Sun Runner:

Lord Templar Takharion Jal:

Finally, a portrait I commissioned from Ourla.

Onyxi and Pebble:

Former player as of 2/27/23, sending love.

The eye on the Winrothol one creep me out, Valeria.  It's something of an "I know what you did and I am not afraid of you.  I might just decide to do something about it." sort of look.

I also like the templar one.  He looks kinda like Ian McShane.
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Valeria's Winrothol kinda looks like Katherine Heigl

[Image moderated by Valeria, it doesn't really comply with the revised rules posted by Adhira.  Sorry!]

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Quote from: James de Monet on October 19, 2014, 06:22:04 PM
He looks kinda like Ian McShane.

It's almost like that was my model  ::)
Former player as of 2/27/23, sending love.

I get more of a Dolph Lundgren feel from Tak, at least from his portrait here. An underweight Dolph.

Here's a sketch of Yish from a while ago in ball point, where a fairly high class party turned into a boxing tournament in Allanak.. I think it all kicked off when someone asked why he didn't appear to be carrying a weapon, his reply was somewhere along the lines of "Don't worry, I could kill you with my fingers."

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This was my inspiration for Dakiah aka Rhiri:

[Another image moderated by Valeria.  Someone reported this as from DeviantArt rather than a player-created piece, so it no longer complied with the revised rules for the thread.  If that's not the case, please put in a complaint/appeal request.  Apologies!]
Ignore the gun on her shoulder. She didn't have a gun. She was a ranger who hung out with the wrong kind of people. Her demise was a sad one, but Rath was awesome and gave her ending an appropriate closure.

And this was Lei, my Jaxa Pah elf. Credit goes to Briarfox for this one:
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Obscenely low-wisdom Errigson managed to survive 10 IG years. Credits to Briar.

Yuri was inexplicably one of my longest lived characters despite being designed from the ground up to be assassinated by someone from the Bardic Circle

Meet Tuluk's worst musician.

My former Kadian worker bee, Ixen. If Nexi wants to post the full pic of them both together she's more than welcome to. Not sure who she got to do the image of the twins for us, but I've adored it for years, now.

She was my very first character and I loved every confusing, dramatic, angsty, high-fashion moment of it. I strongly suspect that you're all loons for preferring Allanak, merchant is the best class in the whole game, and that making dresses trumps killing beasties.
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I want to see Narf's guy in Evoru's red dress
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It's a terribly, terribly expensive dress. For a few weeks I missed that dress more than I missed my character.  ;D
Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence in society.
~Mark Twain

I remember Nexi and Ixen and Sherris when I played my badass Khalyat (Khal). It was a lot of fun in Tuluk during these times!   ;D

I think there's a portrait of Khal floating around somewhere by Greasygemo.
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I had one but it's lost.  Though it's some here on the forums but in the mod section.
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Bead, Elder of the Akei ta Var, portrait by Ourla. Previously posted in the other portrait thread.

Bead was my first desert elf and my first Drovian. She was active in 2007 and 2008, and was thrown straight into the elven politics of the Elan Pah Alliance. It was very rewarding trying to balance her between seeking deeper knowledge of her elemental magicks, her tribe's place and fate in Zalanthas, elven politics, the End of the World plots, and her own desire to stay connected to the more mundane side of reality. My favorite times with this PC were when sitting around with friends and/or tribemates, talking about mysteries, desires, fears, philosophy, hopes. While not very old, she was often regarded as a wise and level-headed elder who willingly admitted she knew much but didn't understand half of that which she knew.

In true Armageddon tradition, she was betrayed by a close friend and died a brutal, fiery death. The murder scene itself took up towards two hours to play out before the Mantis head. I missed her for a long time afterwards.

Here's the full image of Nexi and Ixen from back in the day. Briar was the talented artist behind this :)

Also, as a funny side note, I nearly had a heart attack making Ixen's red outfit. I was horrified I would ruin the INCREDIBLY expensive materials it was crafted from.
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Awesome KankWhisperer, can you tell us anything about the character?
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Miss the twins! One of the craziest rp things ive done with a soldier happened to Calistyrr with Ixen. Loved Nexi! X. I wish I had a picture of that big dumb bearded blonde, the closest rl comparison I could find was...

[Image moderated by Valeria.  It didn't look like an original photograph, so I removed it.  Sorry!  Please see the forum title, "Original Submissions Discussion."]

Just needed to be bigger, and his beard to be also braided.
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Just a reminder here as some moderation has happened:  this thread is for original artwork pertaining to your character, artwork created or commissioned by players.
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