Apartments reopened on Merchants Road

Started by Adhira, October 03, 2014, 01:10:54 AM

Thanks to the efforts of Cerys, Eukelade and Oryx the apartments on Merchant's Road are now reopen.  For those of you who can, check them out, they're pretty fantastic.

IC announcement:

QuotePages dressed in cowled, black linen cloaks walk through the taverns and
meeting places of Allanak, calling out in loud voices about the newly
apartment building on Merchant's Road.  They announce that the building's
renovations, long in the works, have finally been completed, and re-opened
for exclusive habitation at reduced prices by employees of the Great
Merchant Houses.  The building is said to feature a communal courtyard,
firepit, and its own crafting hall, along with quiet living spaces.
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