Who to send character reports to.

Started by adriannetwork, August 19, 2014, 09:59:12 AM

If the storyline of XYZ character involves two different clans, but your character isn't codedly in either... who should be sent the character report?

Use your best judgement.The request tool also has a "cc" feature to copy multiple clans. The staff usually let other clans know if something in a report affects them, so we'll be able to sort it out one way or another.
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I'll add that i've had good success with tagging at the top what section of my report applies to what Clan Group. So if i'm an indie, but my report has something to do with House Borsail and House Kadius, i'll put at the top "Staff of Kadius, see section "Kadian Debacle", highlighted in purple. Staff of Borsail, see "Borsail Assassination" highlighted in red". Just figure that makes it easier for Staff who may not want to sift through the whole report just to find what pertains to them.
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