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I love the Sun King.


And the Sun King loves you.

fuck the sun king (notice that he deserves neither caps nor punctuation)
He loves you.

His Radiance does not -love- infidels. May I lovingly suggest you need re-educating?

and RAT Does each GBD typo mean a chance at a skill up?

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Skimming this it seems the general complaint most people have in regards to the RPT and the things that led up to it is...How could someone survive as a spy in Tuluk when we all know that outside of a staff ran plot, the White Robes of old would squash anyone immediately for breathing the wrong way in Tuluk?

How do you all know that the spy in question wasn't themselves supernatural in some way that allowed them to avoid detection?

Maybe they had some sort of item that prevented them from being found out by the White Robes.

Maybe Tektolnes took a hand personally in shielding the minds when necessary of those spies in Tuluk.

Maybe a lot of things happened that you will never know about.

Maybe it's a game and not everything is going to make sense 100% of the time. I think part of the reason for the changes to the Tuluki templarate was due to the fact staff recognized that the previous order was a plotline killer constantly. I bet some of the things, if not all of the things that made White Robes plotline killers were changed with this RPT.

There are a lot of things non-staff do not know and will never know. I like to just make assumptions that things were discussed at length and give them the benefit of the doubt.
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The young daughter has been filled.

Actually that was covered already, specifically, both here and elsewhere.  We said what we provided.

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