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I wonder if this was released when it was to show the playerbase that [somethingsomethingsomething] has been retconned out. If so it's a great step towards playability.

Eeeh. I really don't think that should be taken out.

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It would let this plot make a lot more sense, though.
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It would let this plot make a lot more sense, though.

Yeah, sure, you can retconn a thing a thousand ways in order to "make sense" of this though. I'd rather not gimp (removed) of one of their tools for information-gathering in a world where people probably seldom use think. Much rather see the idea of Lirathans (removed) retconned, if such a thing had to happen.

Also, discussion of (removed) skills probably not the best idea. Probably should edit your post to be more vague, Inks.

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Marauder Moe

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So this is a tricky thread...

You guys should know how this is a game full of secrets, and I think you all know how keeping things secret is a good thing.  It means there's room for discovery, mystery, and surprise.

Nyr has to balance giving you guys a behind the scenes look at all this cool stuff that happened while still preserving the mystery and uncertainty of the game.

In support of that balance, all I can comfortably say is this:
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I enjoyed the log and look forward to more. Think I could learn a thing or two or get some ideas from it. Thanks for sharing.
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Sorry about IC info. It was mentioned in two posts before mine which is why I thought we were right to play cricket.
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Wow, I just realized this is happening on the GDB and I am extremely excited to see the rest of this.

I didn't realize there was such a debate around the shit that happened.


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Wait...there's only 2 logs? The first post suggested there were a lot. I want to know what happened!

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All the logs from Booya are continuation of this plot.