Connection Problems

Started by slatefox, July 19, 2014, 08:44:28 PM

Is Armageddon having problems keeping particular connections open?

A while ago, I connected with MUSHClient and entered a tavern with some other players.  I was immediatelly disconnected, and found I counldn't reconnect.  ('Unable to connect, code = 10061, connection refused)

I tried to use the web client, and it said Socket Error, and later, Security Error.

I use a VPN for various personal reasons, so I turned that off and that didn't fix the connection problem.  I figured the game must have gone down, but after a few minutes, I was able to log in and found that it seems to have only been me.  When I logged back in, I had been 'teleported' to a nearby quit-safe room automatically. 

A while later, I was disconnected again, with the same symtoms, while out in the wilderness.  :(  When I logged back in, it appeared that my character MAY have experienced some 'snapback', appearing in a room I had passed earlier.

Is there anything I can do on my end to minimize this issue?

The game has crashed a couple times.  There's nothing you can do on your end (unless you think you're causing the crashes).
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It's definitely the game. It's rebooted a few times already in the last hour.
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I was wondering if it was just me....glad to know its not
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Just thought it might be helpful to post this so people who might not realize will know in the future.

If you get disconnected because of a game crash you'll know because when you log in you'll have to choose e (Enter Zalanthas) from the main menu once you've logged in. If its due to latency or connection issues as soon as you log in you'll get a message saying Reconnecting.... and you'll be in Zalanthas.

Usually people RP around crashes. Like saying you're wandering around or going in circles because you're lost/not paying attention/drunk etc... Crashes are just another fun way to RP things. Or some people/situations decide that you just restart from where ever you were when the game crashed. Situation varies I suppose.
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"Reconnected", is the real message.
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My mistake, Recconnected it is.

Thank you Barsook!
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