Player reports?

Started by WanderingOoze, July 06, 2014, 02:14:00 AM

Ive read a lot about the player reports, I know how to do them and all that, And they look like
a very beneficial thing for a player to do....BUUUUUT, Ive seen its mentioned they are 'weekly'

I assume this means RL week? If that is the case,What do you do if none of your PC's
have lasted an entire week? ((Ive been pretty reckless with my PC's but do plan on -trying-
to put the breaks on....))

Do you send one report detailing the lives and deaths of each character that you've driven to death
in that one week period? Or just not bother I've been doing so far?
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I think the guideline - not rules, but guideline- is no more than one a week. You can wait a few weeks. And it's ok to wait to have something to report before sending one.
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Reports are your primary method of communication with staff. It lets them know what plots may be going on they could be unaware of, tells them what part you play in them, and if you are doing things that might require a bit of an animation to show the world coming alive, they'll know.

That said, Sponsored/Leadership Roles are required to send in one a week, detailing hires, money spent, etc etc. Nobody else is REQUIRED to send in reports.

Keep in mind, though, that if you aren't sending in reports, staff are not going to know what you're up to, won't be able to support you, and will take longer to get up to speed if you DO need help. If you aren't lasting longer than a RL week on a PC, you MIGHT not be doing anything to land on many people's RADAR. But feel free, just don't send them in every time you play, detailing everything you did. Search the forums here for "Character Report Template" and I'm sure you'll find a few threads on it.
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The rule of thumb for report frequency is: once a week for a sponsored leadership role, less often for other roles. Once or twice a month is fine for a "normal" character, although like what was already said, it's not required for most characters, just very helpful. (It's only required for sponsored roles.)

Reports should only be about one character. A character that lasts 2-4 RL weeks in either Allanak or Tuluk is probably pretty involved with other PCs by that point, so that's a good time to send in a report if you want to. It's not required, but it's very helpful not only for showing staff what you're up to, but that you are interested in what you're doing.

If you don't last a week, there's probably no need to report, unless you want to clue staff in to why you have been dying so much. 
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