Stone, Bone, and Glass, how on earth do I kick ass?

Started by Gixustradt, June 27, 2014, 10:26:59 AM

It never occurred to me to ask before, but is there any difference at all between weapon materials?

Or in weapon quality? Is there any particular reason to specialize in one branch of weaponry versus another?

I know bludgeoning for sap, and piercing for backstab, alright, cool, but is there any difference between chopping and slashing?

Does a stone axe swing slower, or more effectively than a glass axe? They certainly cost a different amount, sometimes by a ton. Why?

I'd experiment myself, but I can't say that I'd have the first clue where to start other than creating a wealthy flagellant who payed people to savagely beat him with different weapons.

There isn't a lot that can be said without delving into the dreaded Find out IC territory, but...

This doc explains the differences between common materials for weapons and armor:

As for the bludgeoning/piercing/chopping/slashing question, you can't go wrong with RPing the differences and assuming they're represented in the code. For example, bludgeoning weapons are effective for knocking people unconscious, so they probably do more stun damage. Different weapons might bypass different armor differently, as they did IRL. Things like that. They are definitely all different though.

As for attack speed, there's a bunch of factors, including agility, combat and weapon skills, and the weight of the weapon. And as for cost, that is dependent on the materials used to make the item and artistic flair and so on. More expensive weapons are not necessarily more powerful.

I figured that'd be the answer.
Thanks, super helpful!