NPC Armor Repairor

Started by Olverdirn, June 21, 2014, 09:52:41 AM

So I take two pieces of 'battered' armor to the NPC.  I give it to him, he tells me the price and gives me his ticket.  I wait the time he says and hand over my ticket and sid, and he gives me back a "battered..."  I think, "Hmm, maybe he only repairs it part of the way at a time and it didn't get good enough to sound any better."  I hand him my next ticket and sid, and he hands me a "destroyed ..." It was battered and now its destroyed.

Is it normal for them to fail and destroy my armor like that?  Also how would you RP that with an NPC, cause my character would have been furious.  You charge me money and you ruin my armor!?

A battered item becoming destroyed seems strange. It could possibly be a bug.

It's also possible that an item is so damaged that nothing can really be done to fix it. This might be one of those cases.

Yeah, there may be a "point of no return" for damaged armor. I have repaired "new / used / cracked" armor pieces with tailors before and had no issues, but i haven't ever tried to repair anything with a more serious level of damage, which might indeed be permanent.
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To add to this with an actual reply that might help you rather than baseless speculation.

I'd send in a question through the request tool, or wish up to ask if that was supposed to happen, or if it was a bug.  I've never seen armor get worse after attempted repairs from an NPC. 

It would also help to use the "bug" command on the item in question, describing what happened when you tried to repair it, so that staff can look at the item more closely.

Here's my proof that I am a newbie: I tried to sell the destroyed piece, and when the offer was 0, I just salvaged it and got nothing. Then I closed my client without saving logs. Oh well! I sent a request in to describe what happens. I'll try the bug command if it happens again.